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Blog attempt #… well I’ve lost count.

Another year, another blog attempt. Will I actually keep this one going.. honestly, I couldn’t tell you. I have tried numerous blogs on numerous different platforms that started strong .. and didn’t last long, so I’m not beating myself up over it anymore.

I have tons planned for this blog, I even have a reserve of drafts in the event I cannot get to my computer and write, having two jobs and working 7 days a week will make that difficult.

I’m also shopping new articles out to websites, so who knows, maybe I’ll actually get more traffic on this blog!

I’ll be doing a review series on Manitoba authors (the province I’m from), I have an exciting opportunity coming up that meant I got my hands on roughly twenty 2015 Manitoba published books, so I’m excited to review those as I read them!

I’ve also signed up for Netgalley, so I can quickly see this blog turning into solely a review site with a few random posts in between.


(Picture is from the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, such a beautiful and awe-inspiring place!)

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