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AMANDA READS: Lucky Lou Grooves in a Heartbeat by Sarah Yates


In my series of reviewing Manitoba authors, first up is “Lucky Lou Grooves in a Heartbeat” by Sarah Yates of Winnipeg.

*DISCLAIMER*First, I will admit, this is book two in the Lucky Lou series, and I have not read book one – I was sent this in a box of books and have not yet gotten my hands on book one.*

Now onto my review:

This books tackles a lot of problems: ability versus disability, broken family dynamics, sexual identity and sexual activity.

Our main character Lou, is a university student who has cerebral palsy and spends all of her days confined to a wheelchair. She requires help with pretty much everything, so much of the book is spent with Lou talking to or thinking about the people she is interacting with, such as her mother, cousin Sam, best friend Libby, her aide Amy, and others. Lou has a hard time with many things, such as speaking and expressing herself. We learn that she has a boyfriend Simon and they are considering taking things to the next step (sex wise) and her disability makes it difficult.

Then there’s Libby, who is also confined to a wheelchair, has a sexual awakening and comes out as a lesbian, but struggles with her mum. Libby spends most of the book being moody and yelling.

Lou’s cousin Sam has a world of problems of his own, he lives with Lou and her parents because his mum has passed away and his dad is an actor who spends no time with his son, and Sam is very bitter about it.

This book follows the three story lines through Lou’s eyes.

And it’s not a book that I enjoyed I will be perfectly honest.

Rating: 2/5 Stars.


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