Hometown Pride · Summer 2016

Who doesn’t love a parade?

I loves parades! Each year my town has the Nickel Days Parade as part of the festivities for the Nickel Days weekend! It always falls on the first official week of summer and I have so much fun putting a float in for my Library each year! This year’s theme was “60 Years and Proud!” which is awesome because the Library just celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary!

This year as a staff we decided to dress up as book characters (mostly my idea, because I LOVE dressing up and making costumes) and do you want to know who I dressed up as?!?!?


MAX KING OF THE WILD THINGS! (From Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are”. I made this costume a few years ago for Halloween and I pull it out any chance I get! It was a chilly morning and the full hooded onesie was wonderful!

It’s such a great way to kick off summer! and after today I am on VACATION! I can’t wait!

Amanda xo

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