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Why amhandashambles?

Does anyone have problems with usernames and website titles? I DEFINITELY do! When it came to creating this particular attempt at blogging, I had to think long and hard about what my blog was going to be called. After attempting to be funny (which I failed at), I eventually landed on my nickname: Amhanda Shambles.

My SO and our good friend drunkenly decided one night that I would adopt my new wrestling name, and to seal the deal (and to convince me not to argue with their decision) they both started yelling “AND NOW, ENTERING THE RING AMHAAAANNNDAAAAAAA SHAMBLESSSSSSSS” and I have to say, I was sold! My SO called me Shambles before that, as I am the person who trips over air and gets hurt from things that really really shouldn’t hurt a person.

It may be confusing to some people, especially since the Instagram for this account gets wayyyyy more action that the blog – but that’s okay!

And so the blog amhandashambles was born!

Amanda xo

PS – Do you want to follow me on vacation? Follow me on Snapchat: amandalsanders and on Instagram @amhandashambles


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