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#throwback – Color Me Rad

This past May, my SO and I did Color Me Rad! It took a little bit of arm twisting and negotiating to convince him to come with me, and in the end it was a whirlwind weekend! While we almost didn’t get on a flight down to the city, then we almost didn’t make it to the grounds because of traffic: we made it and we ran the WHOLE 5K! That’s a tough feat for such a crowded run!


While it is not a timed run and many people just walk it – we had to make it back to the airport only a few hours after the start of the event! So we had no choice but to weave around people and book it!

As you can tell in the picture above, we didn’t get as dirty as you think people would! The nice thing about the color stations is that they seemed to target the color dust or goop at whoever was directly asking for it! We each had a little bit of each color on us until the very last station where it is a burst of pink! Next time I participate I plan on making the day all about the event! So I can fully enjoy everything it has to offer!

Have you participated in a color run before? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda xo


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