Summer 2016

Falling in love with the Rocky Mountains. 

Have you ever visited somewhere and you felt like that’s where you belonged? Well for SO and I, that happened this past week while touring around on his motorcycle through the Rocky Mountains.

SO and I outside Castle Mountain

Here’s the route we took

Rockies Route

Starting in Canmore, we headed to Banff for Breakfast, tooka quick break in Castle Mountain, headed to Radium Hot Springs for lunch, next we went to Golden, then Lake Louise, back to Banff for supper and finally ended back in Canmore after a long 12 hour day! 

Downtown Banff 

Castle Mountain 

Some views from the side of the highway 

Kootaneny River

Field, BC

Lake Louise

Back in Canmore (ft my x ring) 

The ride was absolutely gorgeous! There was a terrifying stretch from Golden to Field BC, where it honestly felt like the bike was going to go flying off the side of the mountain with the twisty roads and rush hour traffic, but beautiful none the less.

It was a long, 12 hour day where we covered about 500 km on the bike, (the longest I’ve been on a motorcycle) two provinces, six towns and a day we’ll never forget! We’re already planning to save up for another trip to do all of the things we didn’t have time for this time!

The mountains are calling and I must go.

What are you up to this summer? Share with me in the comments!

Amanda xo


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