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The day after vacation.

Vacation is wonderful isn’t it? While I do believe it is sad that our society has evolved to a point that our day to day lives can be so stressful that we require time off to save our own sanity – I value being able to take vacation.

The downside to going on vacation, is coming back to work with a mountain of work to catch up on, and the stress that you left in the mountains or elsewhere piles back on in an instant.

It makes you wonder why you would even take the time and money to go through all the stress of travelling, packing and getting away from your daily routine, only to come home and have more stress for a while. It’s because we crave difference, we crave travel, we crave new, fresh experiences, and for a while, we crave to be anywhere but where we are.

And for a while the new experience is amazing and refreshing. But if you aren’t careful about how long you’re away from home, it becomes tiresome and frustrating.

I don’t know about all of you, but I am a creature of habit, SO and I have a pretty solid routine going between both of our weird work schedules and our dog. Bomber was thrown off the most by our travels, but after a while SO and I longed to be home as well! We even came back a few days early, it was nice to sleep in our own bed.

One of the things that drains me the most on vacation is the social aspect – when you are visiting family and staying at their houses or in hotels with them, it’s hard to get a moment to yourself. Introverts, like myself, need time to themselves to just recharge from their social batteries being drained. I honestly didn’t feel like  I had those moments to myself until we got back to our house. We were either with people, sleeping or in the truck.

Needless to say, I am back from vacations with new memories and experiences, but no less stress.

How do you feel when you come back from vacation?

Amanda xo


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2 thoughts on “The day after vacation.

  1. I can definitely relate! I just made a post about going on a girls weekend with my extroverted mother and the “relaxing” weekend totally drained me. I think introverts need to find time to take vacations by themselves just to recharge.


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