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Creating better habits.

We all have bad habits, some are detrimental to our health and some are not. I go through phases of trying to rid myself of bad habits, and I’m on another kick of that so I’ve picked 3 habits that I would like to break:

  1. Not washing my makeup off every night
  2. Not flossing regularly
  3. Biting my nails

Seems easy enough right? Unfortunately for me these are not easy habits to break, regardless of what anyone tells me.

I am currently sitting at my computer wearing yesterday’s makeup (whoops!), because last night my dog looked so comfy in the bed, that I quickly brushed my teeth and joined him. I’m not going to blame Bomber, because he honestly wouldn’t have moved if I took an extra 10-15 minutes to do a full pre-bed beauty routine. I should have washed my face, but night cream on, flossed then brushed my teeth, used mouthwash and brushed my hair.

Do you think that happened? Definitely not. 

Unclean face rocking yesterday’s makeup. Gross. 

I actually struggle with brushing my hair every day too but I’m not breaking that habit so it isn’t getting added to the list. My hair reaches past my bum it takes a really long time to brush it!

I blame the fact that I used to drink way more often to not washing my makeup off, I would come home from the bar or a party and I’d be too drunk to wash my face, and so the habit started. Flossing mostly stems from when I had my wisdom teeth out and couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to get my fingers in, and I can’t afford to go to the dentist anymore so there isn’t anyone directly yelling at me for not flossing so I often forget.

Biting my nails is another thing all together. I have bit my nails for as long as I can remember. I went through a really long period where my nails were long and healthy and my fingers didn’t look like a crime scene, but life is stressful and I don’t even notice myself doing it most of the time. It’s such a gross habit and I wish I could break it.

My goals 

  1. Wash off my makeup every night
  2. Floss every night before bed
  3. Preoccupy my hands so I don’t chew on my nails

The plan

Every night I’m going to start getting ready for bed before I’m ready to go to bed, that way I won’t feel the need to rush and just quickly brush my teeth and be done with it. Even if I go do my pre-bed routine and then go and watch tv still for a bit, that is just fine.

As for my nails, I am getting a manicure next week for the wedding I’m in, and I’m hoping that the pretty nails will deter me from ruining them by chewing. I can barely afford to get it done but I suck at doing my own nails so I don’t want to waste my own money.

What habits do you hope to break? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda xo


4 thoughts on “Creating better habits.

    1. Oh you definitely aren’t alone! Haha I try so hard to keep good habits but all it takes is one super stressful day and then I’m back to square one! With bad teeth, broken out face and stubs for fingernails!


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