Song Saturday

Song Saturday! Black Velvet Band

Hello Saturday! Here is the second post in my new blog series “Song Saturday”, today’s song is “Black Velvet Band” and I’m going to share a few different version of this great Irish song! The first is by Colm Keegan of Celtic Thunder. I saw this song live in March 2015 when my Grandma and I went and saw Celtic Thunder in Winnipeg, and while I had heard the song before. I became absolutely obsessed with it! There was only one catch – Celtic Thunder hadn’t recorded it for an album, it was only a song at the time that Colm was performing and there was no version to be bought anywhere. Luckily for me, most Celtic bands have a base of songs that they all seem to sing, many old and traditional Celtic songs that all of them can sing (probably the novelty of them) and I was able to find quite a few other versions to tide me over until Celtic Thunder released their next album. So below you will find four versions of this great Irish song, so enjoy!

Celtic Thunder:

Irish Rovers:

Dropkick Murphys:

The Dubliners:

I absolutely LOVE Celtic music (I can thank my Scottish roots for that)! Which one is your favourite Celtic song? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda xo

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