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Falling in love with Pokemon all over again.

Who else is obsessed with PokemonGo? I definitely am! I have rekindled my love for the TV show (which is back on Canadian Netflix) and have found a love for wanting to catch Pokemon!

While I was never obsessed with Pokemon the way my little sister is, her love for Pokemon never dwindled – I am so excited when I hatch or come across a Pokemon that isn’t in my Pokedex (yay for extra XP) and brag with both of my siblings the luck I am having finding great Pokemon over theirs.

Pokewalks with my dog Bomber
I’ve also noticed a great deal more foot traffic in my town. There are people who I’m sure almost never leave their house who are outside, getting exercise and being mildly social with other PokemonGo players, and it’s nice to see! While the internet is complaining about how unsafe all the foot traffic is, I’m sitting here thinking about how PokemonGo has essentially tricked people who are mostly sedentary to leave their house and go walking around – because the game requires it out of you. If you want to catch cool Pokemon or hatch those eggs you get from Pokestops, you have to walk around your hometown.

Those of you who are knocking people playing the games – why you gotta hate? There are people minding their own business playing a game that encourages them to get outside and get in cardio? Who are you stop them? I’m sure they are too busy to judge you for whatever superior activity you have going on!

So have some fun with PokemonGo if you so choose, or leave it to the PokeMasters and do your own thing!

So now, enjoy the theme song and have a great day!

Amanda xo

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