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Dreaming of lake life.

The other night SO, Bomber and I went to a friend’s remote cabin for dinner Every time that we visit, we get such a romantic feeling about lake life, and this time was no different – look at that view!


The best part of the evening was that Bomber was in his element, he was running around and jumping in the water, being an absolute ANGEL the entire time! Anyone with a German Shepherd puppy knows those moments are few and far between, so relish in those moments and love your pup for exact who he is and forgive him next time.

Anyways, our friend starts up a case for us to buy an abandoned cabin near by that is being sold for dirt-cheap because it requires an obscene amount of work to the inside. The outside is solid, the inside was never taken care of. He mostly just wants some of his friends out at the lake as well, but it definitely got us thinking.

It’s not a purchase we can make less than a year after buying our house, but a remote cabin is something that would suit our lifestyle. Having a cabin at the lake would mean that even if summer is colder and wetter than most, we still can go out, because we’d have a cabin and a wood stove! Our campsite has barely been used this year because of the weather, and we are regretting spending the money, when all it has been is a storage spot for our camper.

Lake life, wouldn’t that be great? I guess we’ll see how we are doing in a year and if that cabin is still available. It would be great to have a place to get away to but also be close to friends! I think it’s a great goal for us, because we would get a lot of use out of a cabin and Bomber would be so much happier than at the campgrounds with their endless rules about dogs.

So here’s to having realistic goals, something I have struggled with as of late. Hopefully this time next year I’m queuing up my blog because I won’t have internet at my remote cabin!

What goals do you have for the next year? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda xo

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