Song Saturday

Song Saturday! I Can Take it From There by Chris Young

Happy Saturday! I hope you all have been enjoying the new series on my blog called “Song Saturday”! Each Saturday I will present a song to you that I absolutely LOVE! This week’s song is “I Can Take it From There” by Chris Young.

I, like many people, go through obsessive phases of listening to specific songs or artists over and over again until you can’t stand listening anymore. Chris Young is one of those artists that regardless of my mood, I can always listen to, his voice makes my heart melt! While I didn’t always love country music, I now have a great appreciation for it (as you can tell as two songs in this series have been country music!) and Chris Young was a major part of that.

I picked this specific song (because I love all of them) is because this song is sexy without having to be gross or overly descriptive, so many songs this day leave absolutely to the imagination and you have to be careful to not listen to them around the kids. I had no idea that the music I was listening to growing up was so sexual because the lyrics left a bit to the imagination and only when I had grown up had I realized. But back to Chris, there is a good chance I will either walk down the aisle or have my first dance to one of his songs when I get married one day, so you can tell how much I love him!

With that, enjoy “I Can Take it From There” :

Honestly, just listen to this whole mix, Chris Young’s voice will make you feel amazing!

What songs are you obsessing about this week? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda xo

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