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On Bucket Lists.

So Summer 2016 is almost over (sadface)! If you have been reading for a while you will know that I set for myself a Summer Bucket List, which I gotta be honest, I really failed at!

Here is how it turned out:

  1. Go on a road trip (X)
  2. Hike in three different provinces
  • Alberta (FAIL – no time for hiking)
  • Saskatchewan (FAIL – no time for hiking)
  • Manitoba (where we’re from) (X)
  1. Visit Dog Parks in three provinces (X)
  2. Stargaze
  3. Go on a classy date
  4. Catch the bouquet at one of the weddings we are going to (0/2 on Weddings attending so far)
  5. Have a paint fight
  6. Watch the sunset
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Go to an arcade
  9. Do mini putt
  10. Go to a beach
  11. Go to a zoo
  12. Watch fireworks
  13. Slow dance (I don’t have a pic/video but this was the song at the last wedding)
  14. Board game night (played Settlers of Catan with friends August 5th!)
  15. Bike somewhere far
  16. Go bowling
  17. Go to a new museum
  18. Go to a drive in movie theatre
  19. Have a water gun fight
  20. Go fishing (and actually touch my fish this year)
  21. Go on a boat ride (X)
  22. Get photo booth pictures done (X)
  23. See a live sports game/match of some sort
  24. Go to a fair or farmer’s market

Accomplished: 7/24 FAIL! 

I was scrolling along Pinterest the other day and I found a fun Bucket List Post on Quirky Bohemian Mama (part 1). If I had added some of the WONDERFUL things she has across these two lists, I would have more than doubled the amount I accomplished this summer.

Some of the things on her lists that I accomplished:

  1. Throw someone a surprise party (This has been the theme for all of the birthday parties in my friend group this year)
  2. Ride in a limousine (all of the Bridesmaids were taken to and from the wedding I was a bridesmaid for in a limo – super bad service! bad that’s for another day)
  3. Be in a wedding (Bridesmaid!)
  4. Read a whole novel in one day (this happens a lot but I still did it in the Summer of 2016)
  5. Start a blog (I started blogging seriously, it counts)
  6. Photobomb a strangers photo (SO and I appeared in a lot of selfies when we were walking around Banff in our riding gear!)
  7. Go to a formal event (2 weddings and a few fancy events!)
  8. Grow your hair super long (does this count because my hair is past my bum?)

Reading through the items that Hollie has up on her lists, I think I might revise my big life-goal bucket list! There are some really fun stuff on there.

While I am sad that my summer did not turn out the way I was planning (I can only blame it so much on the weather – I worked WAY too much), sitting here looking at how little I accomplished this summer made me realize that I am spending way too much time dedicating myself to other people. I work two jobs (one full time, one casual) and I spend a lot of my off-time on other people or animals. While I can’t afford (right now anyways) to quit one of my jobs, I have decided to make a Fall/Winter Bucket List with the goal to finish it by New Year’s Eve, here it is:

  1. Re-open my Etsy Shop
  2. Pay off one of my credit cards
  3. Become a BeachBody coach
  4. Go on at least 3 out-of-Thompson hikes a month
  5. Get family portraits done
  6. Post 3-4 blog posts every week (even if that means setting up a queue)
  7. Exercise on my own (meaning without the dog) 4-5 times a week
  8. Spend more time taking care of myself
  9. Word towards only needing one job (either minimizing expenses or making extra money through Etsy and/or Beachbody)
  10. Read more personal development books

There you have it, my 10 goals to complete by the end of 2016 – I have faith in myself!

What are you goals for the rest of 2016? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda xo.

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