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On life. 

Hello everyone! So it has been about three weeks since my last blog post (whoops!) and I want to apologize for that! 

Life just.. Happened! And I’ll give you a bit of a recap. 

Labour dat weekend we went camping at out seasonal campsite that we BARELY used this summer (too much rain, too many other things going on), we ended up having a GREAT weekend and it only rained a little bit, it really made us regret not making it out more. Here’s a pic of my Bomber swimming in the lake off a remote beach: 

The next weekend was softball playoffs. For the last three years I have played on a team withmy friends called ‘Team Function’ and until last year (the team is about 6 years old now), we barely won games and definitely didn’t fair well in playoffs – until last season, when we placed 2nd! So our goal this year was clear: win the division, and guess what? WE DID IT! It was a cold, rainy and muddy weekend but we fought hard and played some of the best softball we’ve ever played and we took our division! Not to brag but SO and I played short stop and 2nd base and we make a great infield team! I’ve got to say that this team consists of some of my favourite people and I’m so happy to say they are in my life! 🙂 Here’s our championship picture (notice the huge ‘muddle’ we’re standing in):

Then my sweet little pup Bomber turned 1, while not a thing that made me ‘busy’ per say, but I was emotionally preoccupied by it and had no desire to write.  Having no people children of my own but being the age that one would think I would makes me one of those dog mums – almost everything in my life revolves around my Bomber. My schedule, my activities, my exercise, you name it! I even pay photographer friends to take pictures of my dog (and SO and I) so we can give people family photos. I commemorate every milestone and mishap, and his first birthday was no different. The fact that my baby is a YEAR old throws me for an emotional loop, and I don’t even care if you judge me for it. 

This weekend, we’re in the city for a friend’s wedding, and Bomber is getting neutered (he’s not going to be impressed!) and I found some spare time when we just chilled to type this out on my phone. Here’s a pic from the drive down: 

 I’ve been so disorganized lately with my personal stuff, I’ve recently gotten very involved in my union and oh my goodness – you really have no idea what goes into those well working, well oiled machines of the union keeping your rights safe at work! If you are unionized, be grateful! There are people giving up their free time to fight for you. 

Anyways, I hope you have all had a wonderful September! My Fall goals consisted of many things I have yet to accomplish, and blogging 3 times a week was one of them. So, hopefully you hear from me 3 times this week! 

Amanda xo 

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