Having fun with the cone of shame!

This past week we took Bomber to get neutered, and he is very unimpressed with us! We took him to a clinic in the city while we were there for a wedding, and for the drive back he gave him the comfy cone inflatable ring:

When we came home, he did so well for almost a week leaving his incision alone, so we didn’t need to put the elusive ‘cone of shame’, that is until last night, when Mr. Bomber decided to lick his incision  raw! So today he is in the cone of shame:

The only hitch of having the cone on today is that Bomber is back to full energy, so he is very hard to please right now, and running into EVERYTHING (while I was typing this up, he actually cracked the cone, I have been patching it all day with electrical tape!). So Earlier today I packed him, some toys and the cone into my tiny Cruze (that is not conducive to the size required for a cone on a large dog) and headed to my parents’ fully fenced, big, leaf-filled backyard. We got creative and played in the leaves today to keep him entertained, check out the videos below!

Hopefully, Bomber’s stitches will heal quick and will be cone-free soon!

Amanda xo

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