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Why I Became a Beachbody Coach.

So here we go, my second post of 2017, and hopefully second of many (I kind of fell off the rails with this blog in the fall…) and I wanted to talk about something relatively new to my life – Beachbody Coaching. In October I told my coach that I was in, and then promptly spent the next month wondering what I was going to do as a coach, and how the heck I was going to market myself to people. It took me until the beginning of November to even announce on my Facebook page that I had started coaching, I was SO nervous! I was so worried about what everyone would think of me suddenly posting sweaty selfies and workout videos when that just was not my style leading up to my decision to become a coach. I had stumbled across my coach Emily through my Instagram, and while at the time it was blog and dog focused, it very quickly turned into a fitness page and I let my blog slide into oblivion, but I’ve realized I can have both! I just have to make time for both!


The first program from Beachbody that I worked through was the 21 Day Fix, it’s a great beginner program and comes with the portion containers, which I will be perfectly honest – I hadn’t even thought of my portions before Beachbody. I have always been a small person, so I haven’t always eaten the healthiest or the smartest because I didn’t think it mattered. I am small, I always kind of look in shape – what does it matter? Well it does matter, because just because the body is small doesn’t mean that it’s healthy, and I need to take better care of myself. Eventually my magic metabolism is going to slow down and suddenly I will start gaining weight and hate myself, and I already have done that enough for my current weight. Since starting Beachbody I have been more conscious of what I put in my body, yes I still eat burgers and chips but I don’t eat them every day, or every week even. I had pizza on Friday for the first time in weeks! I hadn’t even realized I missed it, and I used to request pizza ALL THE TIME, just ask Jared. I have found myself more inclined to want to actually eat the food we meal prepped (I have been notorious for letting leftovers go bad) and my budget and my stomach are grateful as a result!


Since starting Beachbody, I have also found myself being more confident in myself, I’ll “show off” a little more, and I don’t necessarily bring a sweater to cover up (unless I genuinely feel as if I will be cold), and I actually wore this costume for my New Year’s Eve/Birthday Party:



So colourful, so revealing – 6 months ago I would have covered up almost entirely, but I’m starting to love me in my current form! Most of my friends either had no idea or forgot that I had a rib tattoo, and I went through so much pain to get it, I might as well show it off from time to time! Even this past summer, I wore tights even on the hottest days, because I wasn’t comfortable with my legs out of my dress:


I was so over heated in this outfit, but I just couldn’t do it! Notice the thick, winter style tights, not just regular nylons!

I’m not saying Beachbody is 100% responsible for this confidence transformation, I’ve also matured a lot in the past year and a bit since buying my house, my relationships and friendships are going really well, and I have a weekly radio spot – but I’ve joined a tribe of ladies that have similar goals to me, who I never would have met if it weren’t for Beachbody. Some of them are going to be great lifelong friends, even when Beachbody isn’t a thing in our lives anymore. We keep each other accountable and we are all going to reach our individual goals together! (whether it be weight loss, certain fitness goals or general fitness goals).


My Why: 

If you have had any experience with Beachbody, you know that coaches will often ask you why you chose Beachbody, and why you are going to commit to the business. My why is simple: while I love how certain parts of my life turned out, I didn’t think I would be 28 years old and my degree isn’t really coming into play in my current line of work, and I want to dig myself out of debt without having to be at a job every day of the week. About a year ago I took on a second job, and there has been stretches of time where I have worked most of the days of the month, and that’s not how I want the rest of my life to be. Even if Beachbody isn’t a long standing business for me, I want to come out of it with no regrets, and have helped at least a few people on their fitness journeys.

So What’s in it for you? 

Are you stuck in your current routine? Are gym memberships in your area out of your budget? Have a few extra pounds to lose and can’t seem to get them off? Or do you just feel that you don’t have time for a proper fitness routine?

Beachbody could be the company for you! Most of the programs have workout videos of only 30 minutes long! And if you get Beachbody OnDemand for only $10/month (billed quarterly), you have access to HUNDREDS of workout videos and many programs! All lead by fitness professionals (my favourites are Autumn Calabrese’s programs!), and you can stream workouts from ANYWHERE. You also can get access to Shakeology, a dense superfood shake to help you along your goals and a meal plan specific to your program an goals.

You’ll also get access to me! Your personal coach to help keep you accountable and answer any questions you may have and lead you through your programs through challenge groups that will have other people on their fitness journey!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, or if you have any questions, come find me at any of the links below:





or comment below! I can’t wait for you to join me on my fitness journey!

Amanda xo.



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