DIY Bandana Bibs.

Isn’t this just the CUTEST thing ever?!? Last week I made my first attempt at sewing Bandana Bibs for baby! I am a chief procrastinator, so I figured I would start with a little more than half way to go in this pregnancy! 


Disclaimer: I 100% followed this tutorial from Simply Small Wonders, so head over there for the step by step. 

The only two differences I had were: 

1. I had a fight with my sewing machine (it happens) and decided to hand sew this bib

2. The tutorial features inserting snaps, and I used a button closure

This type of DIY is a GREAT way to use old clothing that either doesn’t fit over your expanding belly or you don’t want anymore – making very minimal cost if you already have sewing supplies, I already had all of the supplies, and I used part of a strapless dress that I just NEVER could get to stay up, and a shirt I had outgrown, making it a free project! I’m sure all of our SO’s appreciate when we don’t run to the store for more craft supplies! 

I have a pile of clothes that we have pulled that we don’t want anymore, to make into various items for the baby. We want to have items that give the baby a piece of us – because half of our DNA and all of our love just isn’t enough!! 😉 

I also find that a small DIY like these Bibs are a manageable sized project for the lack of energy I’ve had since the beginning of this pregnancy! 

I can’t wait for baby to get here so we can test these out!! 

Until next time 

Amanda xo. 

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