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20 facts about me.

I’m sure you’ve all been SO curious to know a bit more about me, I’ve decided to let you in on 20 facts about me! Some, you’ll already know if you know me or have read the blog. Links are provided more for context or information so I wasn’t clogging this post with pictures. Enjoy!

  1. I have two tattoos
  2. My middle name is Louise
  3. I have a German Shepherd named Bomber
  4. I live in Thompson, MB, Canada – essentially the middle of nowhere
  5. My all-time favourite novel is Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery
  6. I kept this blog a secret for a really long time, now I own my domain and share EVERYWHERE (sorry friends..)
  7. I am expecting my first child this fall
  8. I work in a Library and do all of our Outreach, Social Media, Programming, Events and Acquisitions for Children, Teen and DVD collections
  9. I write book reviews for a magazine called Prairie Books NOW! That comes out in Western Canada Quarterly
  10. I also work casually as a Housekeeper at my local hospital (probably not for much longer because being pregnant is hard)
  11. I have my face pierced but haven’t worn earrings in years
  12. I identify my Hogwarts house as Gryffindor, and was sorted into it on Pottermore, but was sorted into Hufflepuff on Hex and had an emotional crisis
  13. My go-to movies are Beauty and the Beast (1991), Sixteen Candles and Pitch Perfect
  14. I LOVE to bake, but I HATE to cook
  15. I have high ambitions for DIY projects that often result in all of the supplies sitting in my craft room untouched
  16. I was a Beachbody Coach for a few months, and decided to walk away from the business when I got pregnant
  17. I am a fairly disorganized person, which is why laundry often gets forgotten in the washer and my desk at work is always in a state of disaster
  18. I have a half-written story on Wattpad that I can’t figure out how to get to the ending I want
  19. I once decided I didn’t want to be someone’s friend because she thought Divergent was a better written series than The Hunger Games
  20. I want everyone to read “Forever Julia” by Jodi Carmichael and “Me and Me” by Alice Kuipers – I even have copies I want to give away when I have more of a following!

Until next time

Amanda xo.

2 thoughts on “20 facts about me.

  1. Thanks for sharing! I have high crafting ambitions as well. They usually result in something baring no resemblance whatsoever to what my goal was, or turning out halfway decent but costing five times as much as it would have cost to just buy it outright.

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