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Product Review: Rebels Refinery Advanced Clear Skin Face Wash

As I’ve stated before, I am struggling with my pregnant skin. My skin is blotchy, breaking out and generally not fun to live with. I decided to try a new product – Rebels Refinery Advanced Clear Skin Face Wash, which I will be perfectly honest, while it doesn’t explicitly say anywhere that it’s for men. It’s probably for men. Which I really don’t care! I needed a face wash that helped conquer my rebelling skin and something that didn’t inflame my sensitive skin.


Rebels Refinery Advanced Clear Skin Face Wash $13.00, Petal & Post

I used this Face Wash twice a day for a week. Whether it was washing my face in the shower or over the sink before bed, I made sure I washed my face twice every day for 7 days.  It was a hard task! I have really bad habits of just going to bed with the day’s dirt on my face, because I’m too lazy to wash it off. This week was different!

Initial observation: very lightly scented cleansing gel that foams pretty easily as you lather on your face – meaning you don’t need a lot! I made the mistake the first time of putting a bit too much on my face and was rinsing bubbles off my face! That being said, this is a nice, gentle face wash that doesn’t punish you if you actually use too much!

After a week of use: I have face washes that I cannot use every day, they take way too much away from my skin, this was was different! I am rejoicing in the fact that after 7 days of use, my pregnant acne ridden skin was actually starting to calm down! (*Cue happy dance*) and I wasn’t so desperate for moisturizer after each wash (which is another struggle I have).

My recommendation: If you have a face, buy this face wash! Here’s all of the points you cannot ignore:

  1. Gentle, foaming face wash
  2. Very mildly scented (very important if you have sensitive skin)
  3. Doesn’t steal the existing moisture from your skin
  4. All-natural
  5. Canadian made

5/5 – it is going to be my regular cleanser, even if it is probably made for men.

Until next time,

Amanda xo.

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