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Product Review: NHR Organic Oils Organic Tea Tree Aromatherapy Toothpaste

In the spirit of moving towards more natural products during my pregnancy, I decided to try an Organic Toothpaste – NHR Organic Oils’ Organic Tea Tree Aromatherapy Toothpaste to be exact.I started using this a few weeks ago along with a Bamboo Toothbrush (review to come), and I have to admit I’m not totally sold on this toothpaste!


Organic Tea Tree Aromatherapy Toothpaste by NHR Organic Oils from Petal & Post, $9.00

One major thing that I struggled with at first was the taste, it tasted like Tea Tree oil (duh Amanda), and you don’t get the minty satisfaction of having just finished brushing your teeth with traditional toothpaste – but I felt I was being too picky about this one thing, so I continued using it.

Here are the pluses for this toothpaste:

  1. All Natural
  2. Fluoride-free
  3. Tea Tree Oil has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-septic qualities to help fight infections and other gum ailments

After a few weeks of use, I will admit my teeth didn’t feel any cleaner than a traditional toothpaste, and I still have been turned off by the taste. I had a bit of gum swelling before using this toothpaste (yay pregnancy…) and have found my gums to bleed easier since starting this (though I’m not sure if it is due to my pregnancy progressing or the toothpaste!). I also did not notice any change in “whiteness” off my teeth.

So after weeks of use, I am not recommending this Organic product, and I will be switching back to my normal toothpaste!

Until next time

Amanda xo.



2 thoughts on “Product Review: NHR Organic Oils Organic Tea Tree Aromatherapy Toothpaste

    1. Thanks Vanessa!! My pregnancy is going well! And to be honest, the taste of tea tree oil WAS awful! I couldn’t get past it!


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