For a dog who hates summer, Bomber sure is entertaining playing in the heat.


I think we’ve all figured out that I have an extreme bias towards German Shepherds being the best breed of dogs. My dad grew up with them and I am currently raising a character of a pup in Bomber, who daily tests my patience but I wouldn’t trade him for any other dog in the world. I cannot wait to see him in action as a big brother this fall, and I know that his favourite person is going to change very quickly once he gets used to Bump living at our house.

Anyone who has ever owned a large furry double-coated dog like a shepherd, knows that they prefer cold days to warm days, and we have plenty of cold days. The problem with the part of Canada we live in is that we get the -40C in the winter, and the +25-30C in the summer. Bomber struggles with anything past +15C. He sometimes doesn’t even need a walk! He just needs to spend a short amount of time outside, and he can go inside and laze around on his couch for the rest of the day!

That being said, it doesn’t stop us from having some fun with him in the summer months, because while I don’t particularly care for the extreme hot, I do enjoy a well behaved, tired puppy (anyone who owns a mischievous puppy will back me up on this one!). So I join in the outdoor fun!

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve collected a bunch of videos I’ve taken since the beginning of the nice weather in our town, so you can see just how goofy my pupper Bomber really is! Enjoy!

I have a dog that thinks he has thumbs to catch the frisbee, and has yet to be successful catching a frisbee in his paws!!

Dogs + Sprinklers + Toddlers = a great way to spend an afternoon! Cools everyone off and dogs are just so entertaining in sprinklers!

DOG OWNER TIP: Flirt poles (in the video below) are an AMAZING way to train and exercise your dog! Great for dogs that like to chase relentlessly and need mental stimulation! Bomber LOVES figuring out the best way to catch the (now gone) duck! Plus it is a great way to exercise a dog when you may be short on time (say on a lunch hour) or having a hard pregnant day (like I do more often than not these days), or your dog just. won’t. quit! Find out how to make one HERE.

Sometimes, you just gotta hose a dog down to make sure they don’t overheat :p luckily Bomber doesn’t mind it at all!

Anyone else have a dog that LOVES the water? Bomber loves swimming, his pool, sprinklers and hoses, but HATES the bath, the shower and rain – kind of weird, but what can you do? Bomber doesn’t really have any fear when it comes to jumping in the water, so we just make sure it doesn’t happen where the water is too deep or too fast moving!

We were lucky enough to get a dog that is not afraid of being on any type of vehicle! He has been perfectly comfortable every single time he’s been on a boat! We are very grateful!

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Until next time,

Amanda xo.

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