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Pregnant Diaries – Preparing for Baby AKA Crafting with Shepherds 

I had originally had no intentions of writing a blog post about the tie blanket I made for Bump this past week, because tie blankets are pretty boring and self explanatory. Then my lovely almost 2 year old Shepherd Bomber decided that he was going to help out, turning a quick tie blanket into an almost 2 hour ordeal!

So I lay out my two layers of fleece (gender neutral of course!) and instantly Bomber decides he is going to lay on it! (before you ask, I don’t have a higher suitable surface in my house for the size of fleece). And wouldn’t get off AT ALL, I’ll be honest, I got frustrated! I then decided to give up for a while, and Bomber almost instantly went to sleep.

After I while I decided to just give it a go and make the blanket, it was one of my goals for the day and it’s nice to accomplish things! Unfortunately Bomber took it as an invite to lay back on the fabric (sigh).

I eventually just gave in on him being there and let him be his cute adorable self as we made a blanket for his little sibling together. I had to deal with him constantly pulling on the fabric, bringing different toys on and off the fabric, and him refusing to get up when I needed to work on the side he was laying on!

Eventually, we FINALLY finished the blanket, it’ll definitely need a wash before it goes into the nursery because Bomber shed like a crazy puppy on it (yay summer!), but we’re happy with it just the same!

As I’ve said many times, Bomber is going to be a GREAT big brother to Bump, and I’m so grateful I get to go through this pregnancy with him. We are experiencing so much together, learning and growing from one another, and our baby will have the best furry big brother they could ever imagine!

Have YOU ever had a pet get in the way of a project and it ended up being okay? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time

Amanda xo.

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