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Pregnant Diaries – My Favourite Pregnant Memes

Yes. Memes.

Memes run the world now – don’t they?

Here are some of my favourites that I’ve collected throughout my pregnancy! Enjoy ❤



I’ve used this meme on multiple occasions, regardless of what anyone says, I don’t feel very glowing. I feel stretched out, blotchy, sore and a myriad of other negative emotions that don’t equate to glowing.



I have what I’ve become to affectionately call my “fuck you” pile of clothes that I loved and fit properly before I was pregnant. Including majority of my summer clothes and a lot of my favourite dresses. I refuse to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes (I have a few dresses [two that have essentially turned to shirts as I got farther along], a shirt and a handful of pairs of underwear) so I have run into this place where I am just really struggling to find clothes that will fit. The weather hasn’t fully cooperated for my original plan of wearing sun dresses all summer.



I’ll be perfectly honest. I have always hated pants. I would prefer to rock leggings and dresses all day. My pre-pregnancy size meant that a lot of my clothes that fit properly were tight, because apparently the only way for someone to be a size small is to put them in skin tight clothing. This meant that very early on in my pregnancy I no longer fit any of my jeans or non-stretchy pants and skirts – and I wasn’t even mad. Pants suck. I had a good excuse not to wear them.



I am way too proud of the fact that my belly has become a shelf in my third trimester. To the point where I think this is the part I’m going to miss the most about pregnancy. Is that sad? I hope not!



This meme pretty much sums up pregnancy doesn’t it? I feel strong (sometimes) but I can’t lift anything, can’t make it very long without eating, and I am pretty much exhausted all of the time – is this an early predictor of motherhood? From what I’ve been told of my temperament as a baby… probably, because Karma will decide that I deserve it somehow.



I will admit. I’ve had some pretty bitchy days. I’ve blown up on people (mostly Jared.. thanks for sticking around babe! <3) for reasons that after I calmed down, didn’t really seem worth it. Are the hormones raging that badly or am I just too exhausted and sore to hold in what I usually would filter? I guess you’ll never know!



Dear Baby: if you aren’t trying to push my ribs out you’re trying to jump on my bladder like a trampoline – what gives? This is one thing that I cannot wait to end, the constant pressure on some part of my body. It sucks. Let’s move on from it.



Not that I was a rockstar before! I’ll be honest, we bought our house and got Bomber and I very quickly became the person that went to bed early. My dog was into it, why couldn’t I be too? Plus we were homeowners now and had no money to be going out all the time. Plus I really like sleep! At the beginning of my pregnancy (even before I knew for sure that I was pregnant) I was barely making it through the day, and I was sleeping 12-14 hours a night, I was pretty much working, eating supper, sleeping, eating breakfast then back to work. I was not very social (with anyone) and never felt fully rested. I was very happy when the second trimester energy kicked in!

What are YOUR favourite pregnancy memes? Share them with me in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo

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