Reviewing my 2017 goals

At the beginning of January, I wrote down my goals and aspirations for 2017, and I have to say, I have accomplished almost NONE of it! My goals centred heavily around my fitness goals and my Beachbody business, which all changed very quickly after publishing that post because of course, I found out I am pregnant! My goals seems very minor compared to the journey I was about to take on, and as I make my way into motherhood (that home stretch feeling is kicking in!), I couldn’t be prouder on how my 2017 has ended up.

My goals were as follows:

  1. Run the Manitoba Half Marathon on June 18th, 2017
  2. Read books only written by women (unless assigned to review)
  3. Improve my posture greatly (a rotator cuff injury has my shoulders out of whack)
  4. Grow my tribe
  5. Love more genuinely
  6. Be more positive
  7. Hike more
  8. Continue writing my story on Wattpad
  9. Create more (whether on this blog, crafting, writing, photos for my Instagram or DIY beauty products), I do not want to sit idle in 2017
  10. Learn at least 3 new skills in 2017


Goals #1, #4 and #6

When I decided to walk away from my Beachbody business at the beginning of February, I had really fallen off the exercise wagon, because I feel like I spent most of January asleep! Before I even knew I was pregnant, I had the extreme exhaustion that comes along with first trimester symptoms. While many women continue their normal exercise routines throughout their pregnancies, the combination of my heart condition and my complete lack of exercise between becoming pregnant and meeting my OB-GYN, I was not able to pick back up where I left off once my energy started coming back. I have been designated to walking and stretching, it’s going to be a hard journey back to the fit life after this baby is here. This meant no half marathon, no growing my tribe (Beachbody goal) and very little hiking – that knocked three of my goals out instantly!

Goal #2

In the reading department, I actually have been successful at reading books only written by women, but I have read considerable less than I normally do! I have found it is really hard to focus on anything at all while you are pregnant. Most of the books I have read have been on trips to my doctor’s appointments! I have typically read half of a book on the way there and half of it on the way back! I feel shame as a Library worker that majority of the books I have read this year have been picture books! I am hoping to squeeze a few in when I go on Mat Leave before the baby is born, but I’ll probably be nesting too hard to want to sit!

Goal #3

If anything, my posture has gotten worse. I’m not even going to go into what pregnancy does to your body. It’s an ongoing goal for me!

Goal #5

Love more genuinely. This is a hard one, I will be perfectly honest. I left myself this very vague goal, without really explaining myself. I’ve checked out of ‘normal Amanda life’ with my pregnancy, but I know I appreciate the people around me more – does that make love more genuine? I have been more passionate towards unjust treatment towards myself and my family – does that count? I’m not sure.

This goal will be fulfilled in September, when our family grows. I know that for sure.

Goal #6 

Be more positive.

I have failed at this one. Everything stresses me out. I’m not even going to try and deny it. 2016 I made great strides in becoming less negative, and 2017 did not build on that progress at all. I’m even sitting here right now stressing out about something going on in my life – it’s not good.

I’m going to continue to try and be more positive, whatever form that is going to take!

Goal #8 

Continue writing my story on Wattpad. This hasn’t happened. I know exactly how this story is going to end, I just don’t know how to get there, and it frustrates me.

I will say, I have been way more productive on my blog, so I’m going to take that as a win for me!

Goal #9 

Create more. I have taken up baking bread (semi) regularly, done a lot of DIY’s for my baby (blanket/bandana bib), and become more creative with my cooking. While I haven’t improved my Instagram photos or blog photos, I am learning how to use natural light and simple editing tools, it’ll get there one day!

Goal #10 

Learn at least 3 new skills. Have I learned any new skills? I have worked pretty hard at teaching my dog new skills. I finally mastered my bread maker and I’ve become a master at barbecuing salmon. I guess those count as new skills.

I’d love to say a new skill I have learned was patience, but sadly that one still hasn’t come to me!

Highlights of 2017 so far 

Finding out that I’m pregnant – this is an obvious one, my blog has centred pretty heavily around this. About 6 weeks until we meet our new little one!

Red Hot Chili Peppers concert – this was definitely one of my top concerts I’ve been to (which coincidentally is topped by 90s bands), I would 100% go to that same concert over and over again!

Bomber and I becoming closer – who would have guessed that it would only take me becoming pregnant to make my dog a cuddly, affectionate fluff ball towards me? This dog was a pretty adamant non-cuddler, and now we cuddle on the daily! Plus We’ve gotten lots of cute pictures along the way!

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Good morning from this goober and I

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Buying our first family vehicle – hello new 2017 salsa red Toyota Highlander! Lots of space for all of us and all of our crap! I’m obsessed with it already.

Cabin weekend with friends – good friends, great weather and good times – I feel like I don’t need to expand further than that!

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Lake vibes 💕 #nofilterneeded

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Working on our nursery – I am getting so excited for our nursery to be coming together! My nesting has been slowly kicking in, and expect it to ramp up soon! The nursery is painted and the new floors are in, furniture is going in any time! I’m so excited! You’ll see more once we finish!


How has your 2017 turned out? Are you crushing your goals or did your goals change? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo

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