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A to Zed of ME!

It’s been a while since I did a personal post that was an overview of myself, that wasn’t directly connected to my pregnancy. So here is a list of 26 things that you can associate with me, in a handy alphabetical list! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

A: Me! Amanda ๐Ÿ™‚

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B: Bomber! My almost two year old German Shepherd.

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Did a little exploring this evening ๐ŸŒ™

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C: Crafting! I have always loved crafting in some way, lately it’s been DIY’s in preparation for my baby!

D: Dog mom life! Yes, this is kind of a repeat from my earlier portion about Bomber, but I am currently a Stay at Home Dog mom until the baby is born, so it needs to be mentioned more than once!

E: Etsy Shop!! I am currently working on stock to sell in my Etsy shop!! I’m hoping to have it open by October! Watch here for updates!

F: Friends. They are the best โค

G: Grateful. I have so many things in my life to be grateful for – a family who love and support me, friends who are readily available (even if I’m antisocial at times), Jared (who puts up with my “weird”), Bomber, baby kicks, this great country and the ability to stay home for the next year to raise my baby!

H: Hendren Clan – what my mum’s family call ourselves. We are a very large family that meets every Sunday, and while we are all a bunch of crazy Scots, I would not trade them for anything! We band together for Relay for Life every year and numerous other things!

I: Introvert. As much as I want to be that constant outgoing person who says yes to everything, I just never have been, and it’s become more evident as I reach later in my pregnancy. I need my recharge time, and sometimes it’s an entire week! It can’t be helped.

J: Jared, my SO โค We started seeing each other about 4 years ago, and we’ve been through some ups and downs but we’ve bought a house, gotten and raised Bomber, traveled, made long term goals and are now expecting our first child together. I don’t know what life would have ended up like if we hadn’t met, and there is definitely nothing wrong with meeting someone later in your life and that being your person.

K: Kicks! Baby kicks that is (I’ll be honest I couldn’t think of anything else for K!), while they are cool, I’m starting to not appreciate them knocking ribs out of place and making me have to pee!

L: Libraries! I have just started Maternity Leave from a Library that I have worked at on and off since 2005, and I know the trend of governments reducing funding to libraries, but the growing need for their services as cost of living rises and access to technology being imperative to a country’s success, I am scared for the future of libraries!

M: Motherhood! The journey I am about to embark on! Only 4 weeks from my due date and I’m going to be honest – I’m starting to get nervous!

N: Nova Scotia – Antigonish to be precise, it’s where I went to university and a place I miss very dearly! (Click through for NS pictures!)


O: Ontario, Port Hope to be exact. It’s where I was born and lived until I was about 9 months old!

P: Pregnancy! The journey you’ve all been joining me on since March! 

Q: Questioning. My parents say that I have always been one for questions, and I think they were very grateful when Google became a thing! The longest running question I had was: Why is the song “Lavender Blue” when Lavenders are purple?!?

R: Reviews! Find the latest Prairie Books NOW here, book reviews here, and product reviews here.

S: Sanders! My Last name, and no, I’m not related to Colonel Sanders.

T: Thompson, MB – my hometown. Most of my mum’s family lives here and it’s where I currently live after moving away for university. There’s something to be said for living in a town that is in the middle of nowhere!

U: Unapologetic-ally me! I spent so many years trying to please everyone, but I didn’t try to please myself. So here is ME! I am weird, Harry Potter STILL makes me emotional, my hero is a red-headed orphan from Avonlea, I am a grammar-Nazi, I was born in the wrong generation, sometimes my clothes don’t match and I talk to my dog as if he talks back!

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#maythe4thbewithyou Happy Star Wars Day!!

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V: Videos – I post WAY too many videos of my dog Bomber, so here’s one for fun!

W: Writing. Writing in some form has been a part of my life in some form, whether it be poetry, newspaper articles, blogs, short fiction or book reviews. I always find a way back to writing.

X: St. Francis Xavier University. X transformed me into the woman I am today, I would not exchange that experience for anything! I was so far away from everyone I knew and it was hard, but my XRing is one of my most prized possessions and I will recommend X to anyone looking for a top tier university with small class sizes and a great sense of community! I cannot wait to go back and visit!

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Here's a transformation for you, the top left was taken my first week of University at St Francis Xavier in Antigonish, NS in September 2008. As you can probably tell, I was super shy and uncomfortable in this picture. I had just embarked on this journey halfway across the country from my family, and anyone I knew really, and I wasn't fully convinced at that point that I had made the right decision. * * The top right is a picture from my X-Ring Day, December 3rd, 2011, fully smiling and proud of sticking it out even though I was scared, and at times it was really hard, I had joined the Xaverian family, and nothing could take that away from me. * * The bottom left is my graduation day in May of 2012, my STFX journey is complete. For someone who didn't graduate high school on time, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in just 4 years (compared to the 4 1/2 it took me to get my high school diploma), I had survived the lonely times, the hard times and the passing of my Grandpa the year before – I was on top of the world here. I was a completely different person than the scared little girl that walked onto campus 4 years previous * * And the bottom right takes us to 2016, when I started my journey as a beachbody coach, where I found other women to help me love myself and want to take the best care of myself. Who helped me gain the confidence to put myself out there and work towards helping other do the same! I've come a long way in these 8 years since the first time I walked onto campus at STFX, I've come a long way since I last walked off campus in 2012 and I can't wait to see what comes in the future!

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Y: Yoga. I have slacked very hard on my yoga practice during my pregnancy, but I eventually want to save up and get my yoga teacher certification!


Z: Zach and Ashley – my siblings โค They are the best, I honestly don’t know where I would be without them!

I hope you enjoyed the A to Z of ME!!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

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