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Pregnant Diaries – time to place your bets!

Well, sort of. I’m not actually going to collect any money and you won’t win a prize BUT I want to give YOU the opportunity to guess what the sex of my baby is, when they will be born and how big they will be!

I am now in my 36th week of this pregnancy, which means I am in the “safe zone” to give birth at any point! Not that I think I’m going to go much earlier than my due date but I have no say over when this baby comes, it’s up to them or my OB-GYN. That doesn’t mean you all can’t have fun and guess anyways!

Here are some things to consider:

  • I have gained about 30 pounds since the start of my pregnancy
  • I had more morning sickness in my second trimester than my first
  • I pretty much spent my entire first trimester asleep
  • In my second and third trimester I had horrible heartburn, but mostly only when I was laying down
  • I haven’t had many weird cravings, but Jared said putting pickles, mustard and mayo on my grilled cheese sandwiches is weird! I have wanted chips and ice cream more desperately than before I was pregnant.
  • At the last fetal assessment I was told the baby is sitting in the ‘frank breech’ position, but there was tons of time to flip (which they haven’t yet)
  • Heartbeat is at about 145 bpm
  • I have occasional Braxton Hicks
  • My belly looks like it is sitting low but the baby has been hanging out in my ribs and they have dislocated at least one rib (it hurts, a lot)
  • Here’s my belly this week:

So there you go!! Let’s see who guesses right! Let me know in the comments and we’ll find out who is the smartest once this baby is born!

Don’t forget to include: 

1. Boy or Girl? 

2. Date you think they’ll be born

3. How much they’ll weigh or length 

and remember:


There are only a few more posts left in this series!! Once the baby comes they will turn into “The Mama Diaries!”

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

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9 thoughts on “Pregnant Diaries – time to place your bets!

  1. Well Amanda my prediction is a girl….7lb 4 1/2 oz ….19 1/2inches …..on Sept 21st @ 3 : 17 am……
    It’ll be interesting to see if I’m close to any of the predictions. ….one prediction I know for sure is that baby , mum & dad, will be surrounded with so much love……😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well only 3 1/2 more weeks until my due date and we’ll all find out! And hopefully baby doesn’t like their current home too badly or they’ll miss GG being in town to great them! 😘😘


    1. Right on their due date! That would work best for the time Jared has booked off 🙊 my due date got bumped forward a week and messed with our genius plan hahaha


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