I’ve been knitting up a storm!! 

Well, Loom Knitting. I have no coordination with needles. 

My mum gave me majority of her yarn stash a while ago, and while I was knitting. I wasn’t doing it that often. I’ve done some pretty cool knitting projects such as these Ewok hoods: 

And making dish scrubbies that we’ve been using in our house (no picture, but yarn and tulle and it is way more gentle on dishes than a bristle pad). 

Since going on Maternity Leave (while still waiting for baby) I have been knitting a TON! It’s the easiest thing to do when you don’t have the energy to walk around and do housework and needing to sit at a certain angle so your ribs don’t hurt so bad! 

I made a dish cloth/scrubbie set for my parents for their 28th anniversary gift: 

And I knit my first hat! It’s newborn sized! 

I also knit a bunch of newborn sized hats, some I’ll keep for my newborn, others I plan to sell (hoping to open my online shop in October!). I’m contemplating adding Pom-poms to the hats, but I haven’t decided yet! 

As well as a bunch of dish scrubbies! (I’ll be adding dish cloths to this stash once I get my hands on more cotton yarn! I need to bust through the huge yarn stash I have before buying anymore! 

I also plan on knitting some of my Christmas gifts this year, as well as work on larger sizes for my online shop! Stay tuned for more information once baby and I are settled at home! 

Check out my Instagram page for more projects! 

Do you like knitting? (Or any yarn craft) – show me your projects in the comments!! 

Until next time, 

Amanda, xo. 

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