2017 in review

Did 2017 fly by for anyone else? I feel like we JUST celebrated New Year’s and I just found out I was pregnant with Baby G! But here I am, sitting at my kitchen table writing this after putting my almost 3 month old son to bed! Where did the time go? I’ve decided to take a look back on the year that changed my life and share it with all of you! Enjoy!



We kicked 2017 off with a bang! We had all of our friends over for a New Year’s Eve/Birthday Party (for myself and two other friends) with an ABC (anything but clothes) costume theme! It was a fun night!I also turned 28 a few days after new years and spent most of the next month thinking I was fighting off a flu bug.



Right at the beginning of February I found out I was pregnant with Baby G, I was about 6 weeks along and my exhaustion was suddenly justified and understandable. While we told our parents and a few select other people, we kept it a secret for quite a while after this. We were excited but nervous, and so far away from meeting our baby! I also took most of February and March off from my blog and attached Instagram account, I wasn’t doing much of anything to talk about and thought that I was going to let things slip before we were ready to tell people.


Near the end of March we decided to tell everyone we were expecting a baby! We Used this adorable picture to announce in on Facebook!



The highlight of April was definitely the Fred Penner concert that my workplace put on at our local highschool, it was an AMAZING day, and I will always love Fred Penner!


We saw Red Hot Chili Peppers in May! I also did my first Fetal Assessment and found out that Baby G was a boy!


June ended up being a month that I mostly just hung out with my dog Bomber, we worked on training, bonded more than we had anytime previously and got the most exercise that I was able to do my entire pregnancy!


July was a lot of fun, we got a new vehicle, spent time with friends, saw Baby G on my second Fetal Assessment, did major work on the nursery and I was on my way to winding down my time at work!

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Mid-August was the start of my Maternity Leave, about a month before my due date. I was SUPER anxious that I was going to go early and I was obsessively researching labour and natural deliveries – which didn’t matter in the end anyway.


Baby G joined us on September 20th at 9:50 AM via scheduled c-section! I spent the entire month at that point hoping and wishing that he would flip from his breech position and I would be able to attempt an all natural labour and delivery, but I would not change my c-section experience for all of the natural births in the world (I haven’t blogged about my birth experience yet, but I’m starting to feel more ready to). Our lives changed for the better and we were FINALLY a family of 4!



October was G’s Baby shower and his first Halloween! It was also when Jared went back to work and I was alone with G and Bomber all day without any help. It was very overwhelming at first! At this point G was starting to scream ALL THE TIME and we determined that he in fact was colicky, but it was manageable as he has already started to sleep through the night more consistently, and as my mum and grandma say – you can tackle anything during the day if you’ve slept at night!



My personal milestone of November was that we seemed to surpass the worst of baby G’s colic and he started being a genuinely happy baby about half way through the month! A lot of stress had lifted with this turn in the road! G also had his two month shots and we were both traumatized by it and we both passed our 6 week postpartum checks with flying colours!


G’s first Christmas! Turns out, he really DOES NOT like Santa! We tried at the mall and at my parents house (they brought a Santa in from our local fire department, which our family does every year for the kids), and he was not really down! Check out my post here about his first Christmas!


Now tonight we will be celebrating New Year’s Eve! I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

What were your highlights for 2017? Let me know in the comments!

Until next year!

Amanda, xo




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  1. Loved reading through your review of 2017. What an eventful year for you & your family & blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Wishing you love & happiness in 2018. Happy New Year when it comes xx

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