New Mum Files

New Mum Files – 6 (non-housework) things to do While Baby naps

Hello everyone! As a new Mum, do you feel (or did you feel) as if your life was a constant revolving door of attending to baby’s needs, trying to maintain the housework and sleeping? I definitely do sometimes! Lately Baby G has just been taking mini naps throughout the day, making it hard to get a lot done! It’s especially hard because I am trying to clean and pack up our house so we can post it for sale and reunite our family by moving out to Leduc!

That being said, regardless of what needs to be done in the house, a burnt out mom is definitely not what a household needs. Here are some non-housework related things you can do while your baby sleeps.

1. Sleep

Seriously. Sometimes you’ll need a little nap during the day. I know at first they say to sleep when baby sleeps, but all moms stop doing that at some point because there is stuff to do!

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2. Read

I used to read SO much before I got pregnant and was too tired and uncomfortable to sit and read, I’m slowly getting back to that, mostly with PBN reviews, but hey, reading is reading.

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3. Take a bath or shower

You probably need it Mommy! If you’re like me, sometimes it just doesn’t work out to shower even if you want to, or you’re too nervous to hop in the shower while no one else is home. The way I eventually learned to see it – baby monitors exist for a reason, we can’t be over top of our babies 24/7, and a quick 10 minute shower to wash your hair is fine!

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4. Eat a warm meal or have a hot cup of tea

I only seem to get hot tea or warm meals when other people are around, Baby G has a sixth sense to me eating or boiling the water for tea – he will go from sound asleep to screaming in a very short amount of time! I’ve learned to eat as soon as he falls asleep, so if he’s just having a short nap or something happens to wake him up, at least I’ve eaten.

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5. Pamper yo’self

Whether it’s a face mask, teeth whitener, brushing your hair, doing your nails or putting some makeup on – you deserve it Mommy! Take some time to do some self care that is above and beyond what you normally try and squeeze in when you have a short window of time to walk away from your baby!

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6. Write a blog post/write down some memories

Sometimes it dawns on me that Baby G will be 5 months old soon – didn’t I just give birth a few weeks ago? Don’t forget to jot down some memories you know you’ll want to share with your baby when their older, when you aren’t so stressed out and sleep deprived and can actually enjoy them.

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And if you’re a blogger like myself, take the time to actually get some work in – write a post, do your photography, edit some graphics, schedule some posts, anything to promote your site! It’s really hard to focus when you have a screaming baby on your lap!

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What would YOU add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

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