New Mum Files – A Bomber Update

I feel like it’s been a while since I talked specifically about my German Shepherd Bomber, so today’s post is going to be all about my fur-st born!

Btw – I took this on SNAPCHAT! I also decided to leave it unedited! Shows how well natural light makes a photo AMAZING!

Bomber is almost 2 and a half

He turned 2 the day before Baby G was born! Anyone who knows Shepherds knows that around the age of 2 they go through a maturity leap, and because of life and timing, Bomber was going through this maturity leap just as our lives were getting turned upside down by the arrival of Baby G. I am proud to say that Bomber handled the huge change fairly well! He learned very quickly to minimize the barking (at the mailman, our neighbours, other dogs, leaves and birds of course) because that could scare Baby G, and he also would offer Baby G toys when he was crying (our first night home, I realized at some point in the night that ALL of Bomber’s toys were in the nursery, and he was laying in the corner watching).

Bomber and Baby G are best friends for life!

Baby G can make certain noises that seems to summon Bomber to him, and Bomber loves to help clean up all of the drool and spit up Baby G creates! Luckily Baby G LOVES Bomber kisses! Baby G has even started trying to play with Bomber, who has been very patiently waiting since we brought him home from the hospital!

Bomber has also grown into his patience

I realize I am a fine one to talk, because I do not have much patience myself, but it is nice that Bomber is able to wait for certain things without making you hate your life (the whining and pacing!). It took a lot of training on our part and a lot of growing on his part, but we’re there! He only mopes a little bit if he tries to get his denta stick too early and we say no!

Bomber is finally into his kennel!

We honestly had lost hope on the kennel, we started just using it as a place to put him when strangers (to him) came to the house to see the baby or we got deliveries because he still rushes the door hoping it’ll be someone he loves! We’re working on it… anyways, the past month or so Bomber has decided to start chilling in his kennel, we couldn’t get him in there without crying, and one day he just decided it wasn’t so bad! Having it there and open to him was a great idea on our part I guess!

Bomber is as goofy as ever!

Bomber is a silly dog! With the random noises and faces he makes, we definitely are continually entertained by him! He may get himself too worked up sometimes, and he may hate pretty much every other dog (maybe except three) that we’ve come across, but I wouldn’t trade him for all of the non-anxious, super social dogs in the world! He’s my Bomber Baby!

He’s so photogenic!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

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4 thoughts on “New Mum Files – A Bomber Update

  1. Bomber & Baby G have such a great relationship & I love how protective Bomber is of him. I hope our Border Collie is just as welcoming of our Newborn in May. It’s a big change for the dog but Bomber has taken to it so well.

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    1. I’m so proud of Bomber with how well he’s done! We honestly worked at preparing him a good amount of my pregnancy! German Shepherds can be a bit anxious (and Bomber fits that to a T), so we set up the nursery ASAP, let him inspect everything that came into the house, gave him a spot in the nursery, rolled the stroller around and ran the swing, and Jared brought home blankets that Baby G was wrapped in while on the hospital so Bomber could get his scent, he knew EXACTLY who Baby G was when we brought him home

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      1. We’ve started to set up some baby things around the house like the bouncer and we’ve played baby crying noises to see how Chewie reacts and reward him with some treats when he’s not reacted. Good tip with introducing the baby smell, I wouldn’t have thought of that and it is a great way to get the dog to come round to who it is. Great post x

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