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Why I Started a Bullet Journal


If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest or Instagram, you know that Bullet Journaling is the current big trend, one that I didn’t join until recently!

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a journal that you use to make lists, add quotes, illustrations, different fonts and colours, and be pretty much anything you’d like it to be! They can be as simple or as complex as you’d like! They are often used as a form of self-care and mental health management, or for personal enjoyment!

Why did I decide to start a bullet journal?

The short answer – I was starting to feel overwhelmed. It’s hard being a parent to a baby who cries.. a lot. I love Baby G a lot, but I had starting feeling that I wasn’t doing anything for myself! I’m a person who loves to craft, though it is hard to finish a project when you have a small baby! Even if I have to walk away from my journal, I still feel accomplished!

What I include in my journal (so far)


– Mood trackers

– Exercise trackers

– Savings Tracker

– Books I’ve Read

– To Do Lists

– Bucket Lists

– Blog Post Ideas

– Shopping Lists

– Business Revenue/Expenses

Now, there are some people who drop a lot of money on journals and pens/markers, I was not one of them, I went down to Walmart and picked up my journal from the stationary section and grabbed a set of colourful markers – I didn’t want to start out having spent a lot of money, because journalling may not have been for me!


I also realized very quickly that I chose the wrong markers for the thickness of paper of my journal, so I’ve only been using one side of each page rather than doing a spread, which are very popular!


Some tips:

– Bullet Journalling does not have to be expensive, if you have writing tools and paper at your home, use that! It’s the activity rather than the materials that make it great!

– Check out inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram if you’re stuck for ideas!

– Plan specific journalling time, whether once a day, once a week or every few days! It’s time for you, use it well!

– There is nothing you have to put in your journal, it’s 100% yours!

– Don’t feel pressured to share your pages on social media/with others

– Have fun with it!

Do YOU bullet journal? What tips would you give?

Until next time,


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