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Why I Stopped Tracking my Followers

Hello everyone! I have decided to do a few more Blogger/Social media type posts (look for me upcoming!) and not just my typical Mommy/Lifestyle posts I’ve been doing lately. Today topics: why I stopped tracking my followers!

If you are at all active in the blogging/influencer community on Twitter, you’ll see people tracking their followers on Twitter, Instagram, their blog and potentially other various platforms through external apps and sites. These often tell you exactly which users followed or unfollowed you, and gives you the option to unfollow them back straight from the app. I used one of these apps for a long time, even paying for a subscription so I could get proper analytics and everything.

All it did was stress me out.

I felt this unnecessary amount of stress due to this app whenever I lost a follower, especially when I lost a follower that I had so much engagement with, on their posts and on mine. I spent too much time stressing over what I had done wrong to lose them as a follower, and I had to force myself to stop!

My content isn’t meant for everyone.

I took a free blogging course a while back, and one of the things that stuck with me was that my content wasn’t going to be for everyone, but it didn’t matter as long as I was passionate about whatever it was I was writing about. I love my posts! That’s why I don’t always have my promised two a week, that’s why I took a bit of a hiatus after Baby G was born – I was too busy sending all of my love his way!

So with that, I have adopted a new policy – no obligatory follows, only follow accounts I like, and if they don’t follow back – WHO CARES?! The numbers game is just too intense sometimes, and I needed to take a step back!

If you take part in the dreaded follow/unfollow game – stop!

Almost every account that follows me that has a super high follower to following ratio, I expect that they’ll unfollow me in a few days regardless if I follow them or not, so I check out their content, and if I love it, I’ll follow, if not, I’m not wasting my time.

Do you track your follows/unfollows? Does it stress you out?

Until next time,

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