Our House is Officially for Sale!

Hello everyone! Remember months ago when I said we had a big life change coming and we were moving? Well this week we finally put our house up for sale!


I found being home alone with Baby G and Bomber that it has been pretty hard to do more than just maintain the house, let alone make any progress in cleaning/packing! Luckily, we seem to have turned a corner in G’s frustrations since he’s able to sit up and entertain himself, so I’ve been able to get a lot more done!

Selling our first home so quickly

I’ll be honest, we planned on being in this house a lot longer, and I’m kind of sad that we’ll be leaving it so soon, after only two and a half years! After we bought this house we got Bomber, I got pregnant with Baby G and we’ve really grown as a couple and a family, but we have to take opportunity when it comes! Noelle wrote a really great blog post about selling their first home, check it out here!

The market is terrible in our town

Selling our house is going to be a challenge, with changes coming to the local mine, there are more houses for sale than houses being bought, and it really is a buyer’s market lately! We are hopeful that we can sell our house while not owing anyone money at the end!

We are trying to sell privately

Check out the link to our house here, and if you know anyone in the Thompson, Manitoba area looking for a house, send them our way! We are in the process of moving into my parents’ house to make it easier to keep the house ‘show’ ready, because anyone with dogs and babies will understand that is not always an easy task!

Our house is perfect for someone!

People like us – who like to hike, have a great basement, massive garage and good location in town! We can see our town’s hiking trail from our living room, it has been perfect!

Any tips for selling privately? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


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