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Get money back into your pockets! (Canadian Guide)

Do you ever feel as if all of your money goes towards buying supplies for your family? It would be nice to get some of that back to go towards other things! I’ve come up with some CANADIAN ways to save money and get cash back!


*some of the following links have referral codes that may result in myself receiving a perk (points or cash back), and will be indicated with a *

Cash Back

Checkout 51: Checkout 51 is a cashback app that offers cashback from a wide variety of products and brands each week, and likely from brands you are already purchasing! All you have to do is upload a picture of your receipt (items must be purchased in the allotted timeframe) and it will credit your account once approved! You can request to cash out every $20. They also have occasional video ads to watch for additional cashback opportunities.

EDIT October 11/18: Checkout 51 now has a referral program! Sign up HERE and we’ll both earn free money towards free groceries!

Caddle: along the same lines as Checkout 51, Caddle offers cashback on processed receipts as well as cash back from watching videos and taking part in surveys. One bonus of Caddle is that it will have a weekly generic grocery product (for example – beans as shown in the picture) and you can earn cashback if you bought that in the allotted timeframe. Caddle is the same as CO51, you can request cashout every $20.

*Try out Caddle –  Use promo code AMANDA64308 to get started with $1.00! *

Ebates: Ebates offers varying amounts of cashback for Online purchases. The catch is that you need to either start your shopping from their mobile app or their website while logged into your account. Ebates sends payments (as long as you have more that $5.01 in your account) on a schedule either by cheque in the mail, by PayPal or to a person/charity/organization of your choice! Shop on Amazon, Etsy, Indigo, Disney Store and more!

*Sign up here*


Drop: link your banking information and earn points for shopping at the stores you regularly shop at! Use those points towards gift cards to your favourite stores! Drop allows you to have 5 ‘Power Offers’ which are continuous and you can earn points from regularly, as well as special offers that you can activate if you are planning a purchase at another store. The points you receive per dollar vary from store to store, but they are all a decent amount. Some of the special offers will earn you upwards of 1000 points, which will bring you that much closer to to a sweet gift card!

*Try Drop HERE *

PC Rewards: I’ll be honest, PC Optimum points weren’t really on my radar until recently when Shopper’s Drug Mart was taken over by President’s Choice, because we didn’t have a PC store in our town. Since Jared moved to Alberta (while the rest of us were in Manitoba) and he wracked up the PC points doing groceries! The best part of it was he is able to periodically save money on groceries by redeeming points! I know quite a few people who save their points for Christmas time and redeem a whole year’s worth on gifts and Christmas dinner supplies! The PC optimum app gives you weekly offers to earn points – get it HERE.

Air Miles: yes, we all know about Air Miles and it’s ability to help you fly at reduced rates, but did you know that you can get tickets to attractions and events using Air Miles? If you aren’t looking to fly anywhere, this would be a great use of your Air Miles! Watch for a future post from me on how to maximize your Air Miles

Sign up here!


Grocery stores: not all grocery stores do it, but many will have either a coupon station, or tear off pads throughout the store while you’re shopping.

Facebook: There are also groups on Facebook for savings tips and even coupon trading (try searching ‘Coupon Canada’, ‘Savings Canada’ or enter your specific region). Members and admins of these groups will point you on the direction for big sales, coupon locations and free samples!

Sites for printable coupons:

P&G every day


Contacting companies you love: sometimes calling the customer service line or emailing the contact email can result in the company sending your coupons! It doesn’t hurt to ask if you are looking for deals on specific products. For example – if you call Aveeno Customer Care, there is an option to request coupons!

What are YOUR favourite ways to save money? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. You can collect points so many ways now! It’s great! We’ve done entire grocery shops on points in the past! It really helps the budget ☺️☺️ thanks for reading Emma!


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