12 Days of Christmas 2018

My review of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Hello everyone! Here is another edition of my 12 Days of Christmas blog series! We are travelling visiting family and I’m so grateful that you’ve been here reading so far! Today’s post will be all about the sequel to one of my new(ish) favourite movies, A Christmas Prince, coming back for it’s sequel: The Royal Wedding, both Netflix originals and available for streaming NOW!

*this review is going to be SUPER spoiler-y, so if you haven’t watched it, and care if it’s spoiled for you, stop reading now!*

A few initial thoughts:

⁃ They changed the actor of Amber’s dad, it threw me off the entire movie!

⁃ Everyone except for King Richard and Princess Emily seems to have aged A LOT, and it was only a year between filming

⁃ A lot of the story line felt a bit .. forced

The plot

It’s a year after the events of A Christmas Prince, and Richard has been King of Aldovia for a year. He and Amber have been back and forth between Aldovia and New York, where Amber’s writing career has flourished. Leading up to their Christmas wedding, things are not going well in Aldovia, jobs are being cut, the unions are striking and anxiety is high, but the crown is unable to see why. The amount of progress and industry coming to Aldovia doesn’t match the outcome for the workers, and Amber, Lord Simon and her reporter friends from New York decide to investigate.

All of this is going on while some intense wedding planning is happening at the palace, and Amber is feeling as if she won’t have a say in her own wedding at all. Her dress designer is extremely eccentric, her dress is all wrong, Mrs Avirill has gone control-crazy over everything Amber does and she just isn’t excited for her own wedding!

After Amber and the others discover that it is actually someone close to the royals who is siphoning money out and putting the country into debt, Richard and Amber take control of their own wedding, and of course it’s a happy ending!

My final verdict:

⁃ While this movie wasn’t nearly as good as the first, and it will never rank in an sort of favourite list of mine, it won’t stop me watching it over and over because I love Richard so much!

You can catch it on Netflix now!

Until next time,

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