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6 Ways to CRUSH 2019

Welcome to the next post in my Turing 30 week series! I promise I’m not just going to do long, drawn out series with big breaks in between this year, I have a lot planned for you guys!

Today, I’m going to give you tips on how to absolutely crush 2019, without having to spend a lot of money to do it!


*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if you purchase any products through links in this post. However, I only promote products that I truly love and stand behind. Read my full disclaimer HERE*

1. Drink more water

Honestly, regardless of how much water you drink, you probably could be drinking more! Get a water bottle that you love and carry it with you everywhere! Glass or Stainless steel are best – Ditch the plastic! I got this great stainless steel one for Christmas and I carry it everywhere!

2. Use cash back apps and get money back in your pocket

Apps like Caddle, Checkout 51 and Ebates all give you cash back for your purchases, which you could put back into your account for regular expenses, I save up for gifts or bigger purchases for yourself!

Here are my referral codes (I may receive a small reward if you sign up using my code)

Caddle: Try out Caddle – it’s a better way to coupon, and you get paid for watching Ads, answering Surveys, and more! Use promo code AMANDA64308 to get started with $1.00!

Checkout 51: Click HERE

Ebates: Click HERE

3. Invest your pocket change

Mylo is a Canadian investment app that rounds up your purchases and invests it towards whatever your goals are! You can also set it to invest specific amounts of money at set times of the month to help you get closer to your goals faster! They also have a great customer service team and a real person manages your portfolio – consider investing they money you get back from the cash back apps above!

Here is my referral link

4. Take advantage of Rewards Points

at least a few of the store you regularly shop at have rewards cards! If you are in Canada, one of the big ones is PC Optimum, which is for Shopper’s Drug Mart, Superstore, Esso and No Frills, with offers in the app you can rack up a lot of points! Use these points towards gas at Esso, groceries or even gifts to yourself or others.

Other cards/apps to consider:


– Rewards credit cards (talk to your financial institution of choice)

Air Miles

For more check my money saving post here!

5. Stay organized!

Currently we have a calendar in our kitchen, shared google calendars and I have a day planner and I’ll be damned if I’m late for anything in 2019! There are such a large variety of day planners and calendars, and of course DIY options, you can keep yourself organized too!

6. Give yourself a year long challenge

I was fortunate enough to have won Move Eat Play’s inspirational card set through Alberta Mamas Instagram which features 52 cards, one for each week of the year! I’ve just pulled my first card! I’ll give you guys updates throughout the year!

How are YOU going to crush 2019? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time,

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