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5 Ways You Can Help Your Blogger/Small Business Owner Friends

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great 2019 so far! Today I am being a post to you about the ways you can help your blogger and small business owner friends! It can be so hard to succeed in an over saturated internet culture, but you, as the person who knows them in real-life, can help them in so many ways!

1. Buy their products or services

This one, of course is the obvious one. If your friend sells homemade goods, products for a company or offers a service you can use (and afford) sending business their way is the easiest way to help them! In need of gifts? Consider buying their products to give to your loved ones (which may lead to more business for them in the future).

2. Refer potential clients/customers to them

Is someone you are talking to or see post on social media looking for exactly what your friend can offer? Don’t forget to tag them and let others know about their business! More people will see that they offer that product/service and hopefully bring business their way

3. Follow their social media pages

They’ve made special pages for their blogs and shops, so why not give them a Like or a Follow, some companies won’t work with bloggers or shops that don’t have a certain amount of followers, so a simple click may help them towards their larger goals

By the way, here are my Blog’s Facebook and Instagram, and my Shop’s Facebook and Instagram, it would mean the world to me if you followed along my journey!

4. Like and Share their content

Am I getting too demanding here? I hope not! If you see that your friend is posting about new content or products coming out, give it a like and consider sharing it to your social media pages. Instagram even lets you share other people’s posts to your stories! A simple share will bring their viewership up, which then in turn helps them get closer to achieving their goals! It is also something you can do for them that costs you very little time and no money. Feel free to read what they’ve posted too! They put a lot of time and effort into it!

5. Click on their ads and affiliate links

You know when you head to a website and they have ads popping up? (Well not this site, but once I upgrade my hosting plan, you’ll start seeing a few. Did you know that if you click those ads that your friend will be paid for it? You aren’t even required to buy anything!

Alternately, most bloggers will have affiliate links on their blog, which means a place like Amazon for example, has a program that basically entices bloggers to direct people to their website and their products, hopefully translating to more sales! If someone clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the blogger will be rewarded with a small commission. Some people make a large amount of money this way, me, I have made a whopping 44 cents. So consider heading to your friend’s blog next time you need to make an Amazon (or whatever program they may be a part of) and click on one of their links (they should always disclose somewhere in the post that those links are there).

Here is a post from my friend Diane that sums up perfectly what I’m trying to get at with this post! Check her out on Instagram!

Until next time,

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