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My 2019 Sewing Goals

Hello everyone, so with the arrival of my new sewing machine (thanks Jared!) I’ve been stepping up my sewing game, and I’ve been working really hard to get some stock up for my Etsy Shop! I’m launching on February 1st! Watch my shop, it’s Instagram and it’s Facebook for more information!


I’ve decided to set certain sewing goals for myself for this year, because with having G and then the whole process of moving from Manitoba to Alberta, I had fallen out of the habit of creating on a regular basis, and that needs to change! (Especially if I want to sell my craft).

1. Sew at least 3 days a week (aim for more)

The easiest way to improve at your craft is to do it often, and I intend to do just that! By sewing several times a week, I will learn the in’s and outs of my new machine, and how to be the most efficient with it!

2. Use majority of my fabric stash before going out to buy more fabric

Isn’t this the catalyst of most crafters? We spend so much time on the potential projects and buying new supplies that we sometimes neglect what we already have at home? I will not buy any more fabric until I am down to just a few large pieces!

3. Upcycle more often

Last night I went through my closet and pulled out a bunch of clothes that I hadn’t worn in a while, were damaged or didn’t fit anymore with the intention of converting them into clothes for G. I have new snap pliers and a bunch of patterns that would be perfect to repurpose these clothes into stuff that G can wear, a few of the pieces even have some sentimental value to me! Upcycling clothes is also a great way to save money on fabric!

4. Tackle zippers

Sewing zippers terrifies me, but I have a bunch in my supplies, and I need to just get over my fear and do it!

5. Get a head start and make most of our Christmas 2019 gifts

This year I only made 3 gifts! So weird for me! But with our move and G being so young, I simply ran out of time, I ha e already brainstormed what people are getting, now just to start on them! I also plan on making a new set of stockings for the three of us, luckily I already have the fabric for those!

Do YOU have any crafting goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


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