9 ways to help your favourite non-profit (even if you’re broke)

Hello 2020! While my blogging has been a bit sporadic, I have a new post for you today! Today’s post is all about ways you can help your favourite non-profit even if you don’t have the budget to give them the monetary donation you wish you could! Here are some ways you can support them (mostly for free!)

1. Make/donate supplies they may be in need of

I’m sure you’ve seen on social media this past week the worldwide effort to make and send Koala mittens, Joey pouches, bird nests, animal beds and more to Australia. Sewers, knitters and crocheters all over the world are putting their skills to use to help the animal rescuers during these devastating fires. At very little cost to myself, I am using fabric in my stash and have connected with people in my area to get a package out. Rescues, shelters, hospitals and more are always looking for items to help the ones in dire need! Whether they are looking for hats and mittens for the homeless population, Baby items for families in needs, nests for rescue birds or dog beds for shelters, there is always something that can be done!

Click here to find information on how you can help Australian rescuers.

2. Watch their YouTube channel

Many charities/non-profits have YouTube channels to spread the word about the work they do, and if they have over 1000 subscribers they can monetize their content! Which means every time you watch one of their videos they will receive a bit of money for it! At our house we watch Big Cat Rescue’s Main Channel and Live Channel every day! Our views have sent a ton of money their way!

3. Follow and share their social media content

Sharing content while in itself won’t make your charity any money, their cause may be discovered by someone who views your social media posts, inspiring them to donate to that charity! So sharing pictures, videos, tweets and live feeds of your favourite charities will help them in the long run because their posts will be reaching a larger audience!

4. (If you’re American) shop using their Amazon Smile link

AmazonSmile, which unfortunately is not available in all countries, allows you to do your normal shopping on Amazon, but your favourite charity will receive a donation based on a portion of your order. Hopefully it will be available in more countries soon!

5. Write your political officials about their cause and encourage them to help

Many charities have a mission to lobby politicians and work with governments to change laws, to hopefully put themselves out of business one day – many animal welfare charities operate this way. Charities like Big Cat Rescue, World Wildlife Fund, The Jane Goodall Institute and more all want to change laws and change the mindsets of society to make a better world for animals. Many of these charities even have a script that you can use while emailing, calling or speaking in person to your representative.

6. Host a Facebook fundraiser on their behalf

Have you ever noticed that close to your birthday, Facebook sends you a notification urging you to start a fundraiser for your favourite non-profit? Well you can do it any time of the year! Head to your menus and scroll down until you see fundraisers (it may be hidden in a See More tab) and browse the list of non-profits. It is of no cost to you and 100% of the funds raised goes to that charity, Facebook has zero fees attached to these fundraisers. You can share the fundraiser anywhere, as it is a public link that the viewer is not required to be a member of Facebook. This year for my birthday I ran one for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.

7. Donate your time

Does your favourite non-profit have an event coming up? Do they need help with dog walking, cleaning, building or canvassing? Your local chapter would LOVE to see you out and help. Not only will you give them some much needed manpower, you’ll love the experience!

8. Become a supporter on their Facebook page

Many pages on Facebook (specifically non-profits) have a Supporter option. For as little as $0.99 USD a month, you can support your favourite non-profit and at the same time get exclusive content from them that non-supporters won’t be able to view.

9. Give the gift of a donation (or product from their shop!)

This one obviously costs the most on the list but when buying gifts, consider a charitable donation! You also could buy an item from their shop! Try one of the shops on this list, or search your favourite charity and see what they have to offer! You can also request charitable gifts when providing a wish list to friends and family leading up to birthdays and holidays!

And there you have it, 7 ways you can support your favourite non-profits, even if you don’t have a huge budget!

What ways do YOU like to support your favourite non-profit/charity? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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