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WOW! Women on Writing Book Tour: Georgia Stories On My Mind

Welcome to another WOW! Women on Writing book tour! I am so grateful for the tours I’ve taken part in so far and this one is no exception! Today I bring you my review for Georgia Stories on my Mind by Jackie Rod.

*DISCLAIMER: I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for a honest review*

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While I’ve never been to The South before, I will say I’m often drawn to stories and shows that take place there! Jackie Rod presents a series of short stories all taking place in the great state of Georgia! With a wide range of emotions and scenarios, Georgia Stories on My Mind will make you laugh, make you love, make you cry and make you feel hope, all in one book!

Without providing any spoilers (because I want you to go read this book!), let me give you a sneak peak at a few of the stories.

The book opens with Abandoned, which follows Workaholic Misty as she navigates the passing of her Grandmother, returning to her hometown and facing a place that has caused her so much hurt, where her mother and father both presumably abandoned her and left her with her Grandma. Find out what happens to Misty when she returns to Evergreen.

In The Haunting of Misty Lake, spoiled Emma is back home from college with friends Frank and Coralee. They are getting ready to attend a Halloween Themed reunion for Emma’s high school and she is determined to win the costume contest! The party takes an unexpected turn for the trio when they venture from the party into a boat nearby!

The book closes with Christmas with Buddy, and I will tell you right now, this story had me in tears! This story is from the perspective of a lost dog who we join as he is getting chased by wolves! Luckily, he is saved by a woman named Jenny, who takes him home with her. Without his collar she has no idea who he belongs to, and decides to keep him until she finds his owner. You’ll love this story!

Read these and more in Jackie Rod’s Georgia Stories on my Mind, it is sure to delight you!

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About the Author, Jackie Rod


“A good book transports me to another time and place. It lets me feel the sensation of heroes and heroines— dark loneliness, deep passion, a father’s pride and a mother’s grief.” Jackie Rod is a fiction writer, loving wife of a legal beagle, and mother of three children who has blessed her with seven fantastic grandchildren. After Jackie retired from teaching, her love of words and stories led her to begin writing fiction. Reading and traveling enrich her life and she jumps at the opportunity to teach a workshop or attend a writing conference. She belongs to five writing chapters/groups. Jackie’s work can be found in twelve published books on Amazon, in several Metro Atlanta libraries, and independent bookstores.

You can find Jackie at:



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2 thoughts on “WOW! Women on Writing Book Tour: Georgia Stories On My Mind

  1. Amanda, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I loved your description of your feelings about my book. I will always remember this precious moment and know I have a new friend. May you be blessed.

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