12 Days of Christmas 2018

Toddler Handprint Christmas Cards

Hello everyone! Welcome to another DIY post in my 12 Days of Christmas series, today I’m going to show you our Christmas cards this year!

While normally we get printed cards from somewhere like Vistaprint or Mixbook, but I decided that we were going to take the DIY approach this year.

You’ll remember from a few other posts in this series that G loves to paint, so I found another use for his paintings to use for our Christmas cards!

Here’s what I used:

– two of G’s primarily green paintings, with handprints traced out (feel free to paint and stamp each of yours if you both have the patience!) on easel board paper

– Blank cards

– Rubber Stamps

– Gold Stars

– Glue Stick

– Scissors

– Marker (but get a stamp pad, I’ll tell you why below)

– Family Picture

Here’s what I did:

Like previous posts, I had G painting A LOT, and we’ve used those paintings for various things – gifts, wrapping paper, artwork in our house and now our Christmas cards.

After giving him mostly green paint a few times, I had some good paintings to use for these cards, we made a single handprint and I traced it out the amount of times I needed for these cards.

After cutting them out I attached them to the front of the cards with glue and stuck a gold start on top

Once I had finished that, I decided to use the rubber stamps and a marker (because I didn’t have a stamp pad on hand, but I really wish I had! It was tedious using a marker!) to write Merry Christmas on the inside of each of the cards!

This step took a lot longer than I would have liked it, but I’m happy with the cards in the end!

Then I popped our family picture inside each of them and wrote a little message to everyone and put them in the mail!

Which way to you do your Christmas cards? Homemade, picture oriented or store bought? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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