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Preparing for baby – why is everything SO gendered?!?

As I make my way through my second trimester, we’re working on slowly purchasing items in anticipation of baby’s arrival to spread out the costs. Some things are super easy – soap, books and baby safe laundry/cleaning supplies, others are hard – clothing, cloth diapers and outerwear. The reason? We don’t know what the gender of our baby is yet (not that we’re going to tell all of you when we find out). 

Baby Gap

I was in the city this past week, and there were TONS of sales on baby clothing, but most of it was so extremely gendered that I potentially would have been wasting my money if I had guessed wrong! I was able to find a good amount of on sale items (including a pregnancy pillow for me!) that weren’t too gendered but I’ll be honest a few were definite boy pieces that could be paired with a skirt or a pink shirt, and one of the ‘neutral’ onesies was definitely intended for a baby girl. As a result, many of the items I have bought so far are grey and/or white, my baby is going to have an extremely boring wardrobe! 

Children’s Place 
I know what you’re going to say – women for many generations prepared for their babies without knowing what they were getting just fine! They also didn’t live in a time where society is so obsessed with gender representation and presentation. I guess that brings me to beg the question – why have we become so focused on highly gendered expression through clothing, toys and accessories of small children? 


Like I said, I have definitely bought items that are definitely specifically for a boy or a girl – like some of the cloth diapers I have already purchased – but it is very difficult to spread the cost out when you have no idea what you’re preparing for! That being said, if our ultrasounds are unclear on the sex of the baby, we are just hoping for a healthy baby with all the parts they are supposed to have who can come home pretty quickly 🙂 We will figure out how to prepare without knowing. 

Mamas! How did you prepare for your first baby not knowing the sex of the baby? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time 

Amanda xo. 

PS – I’ve taken to making bandana style bibs as part of my prep for baby! It’s a great way to upcycle old clothing as you outgrow them/don’t want them anymore! Here’s a preview! Post coming soon! 

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