Have a Great Fall Season with Your Kids! (w/free printable)

Hello everyone! Fall is one of my favourite times of year! And while Facebook and Instagram are full of people having the “perfect” fall – we all know that things can’t always be perfect! Don’t forget about:

– Days that are supposed to be chilly but actually feel like summer temperatures – how can you wear your cute fall outfits

– Overcrowded fall festivals, pumpkin patches and U-Picks

– Kids who are tired from the school day/week and aren’t really into the activity you’ve spent all that time and/or money in preparation

– Kids who get overwhelmed by crowds, too much scheduling, itchy scarves and hay bales

– The overwhelming feeling that you haven’t done fall “right” because you didn’t get that perfect fall picture of your family

Let me tell you – I feel this. I want to have as great of a time everyday as Instagram makes me think I should have, but then I remember: there is usually at least one useable picture even on a stressful day. Your favourite influencer or family may have taken 99 “less than perfect for the ‘gram” pictures, but we only saw the one that turned out pretty good.

Let me tell you that we’ve gone to enough events/places where G didn’t want to cooperate for the pictures I was looking for to create the content I had in mind. Honestly, it’s not that important, and my blog/social media doesn’t need to be a twin of anyone else’s. And G is not missing out if we don’t go intensely all out for all occasions/seasons – and neither will your child(ren).

So I came up with a list of activities that could all be done at home if you want and a free printable to help you!

I’ve added a few spots to add your own activities.

Having a great fall does not have to be so stressful and scheduled. Head to your backyard, a local park, hiking trail, or your favourite spot and make fall great for yourselves!

What do YOU love to do during fall with your family? Let me know in the comments below ❤️

Until next time

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