pregnant diaries

Pregnant Diaries – what’s in YOUR hospital bag? 

I’m in my 37th week! That means that it’s almost GO TIME! (what.) 

We are in the home stretch of preparing for baby’s arrival and my hospital stay following the birth of our first child! 

My goal this week was to prep baby’s and I’s hospital bags, because I would be destined to go into labour with nothing prepared and poor Jared would have to find/bring everything to the hospital! 

Here’s what I packed for baby: (in a beach bag, because I was told not to buy a diaper bag yet) 

– three receiving blankets (two to stay with us in the hospital, one to wrap baby in and send home to Bomber, to introduce him to the smell of the baby) 

– two blankets 

– a few outfits (a specific coming home outfit, a ‘newborn’ sized outfit and a 0-3 outfit in case the newborn doesn’t fit) 

– a baby hat I knit 

– 2 bibs I made 

– a sweater for going home day 

– baby socks (because the sleepers I packed don’t have feet) 

– baby lotion 

Here’s what I packed for me: 

– PJs

– Sweat pants 

– A pair of leggings 

– Socks 

– T-Shirts and Tank Tops 

– a Bra and a Bandeau (I honestly haven’t worn a ‘real’ bra much in this late pregnancy) 

– a sweater 

– Toiletries (shampoo, body soap, face wash, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, lotion) 

– Hair care (elastics and brush) 

– Makeup bag 

– Phone Charger/USB extender for my phone charger 

– Slippers 

– Underwear 

And with that we are all ready! Do you think I’ve missed anything? Have I over packed? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time, 

Amanda, xo. 

There is still time to guess what day my baby will be born, their size and their sex! 

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