New Mum Files

New Mum Files – ten thoughts about motherhood, two months in

It’s been over a month since I posted my last blog post, I’ve been a bit busy with my now two month old son Baby G! Being a new Mum isn’t exactly a piece of cake, and most days I don’t even get properly dressed, let alone make it onto my blog! Now that we are more or less settling into a routine, I’m going to try and post more regularly. Below I’ve written about ten thoughts I have, two months into motherhood.

1. I can function on WAY less sleep than I ever allowed myself to before

Life with a newborn means your daily schedule now becomes completely out of your control, especially in the first little while. At first, when I was mainly breastfeeding, I was the only one that could feed G, and I wasn’t pumping enough milk to create any sort of supply. The first little while we struggled with G’s sleeping at night, he would not sleep flat on his back, so he slept in his swing in the living room or in his dad’s arms, who would wake me up whenever it was time to feed. Being in C-section recovery wasn’t exactly what I expected, and I needed sleep! When we started adding formula, it was amazing for our schedules! I didn’t have to get up as often to feed G and his dad and I could take turns and each get sleep!

2. Adding formula to G feeding routine saved my sanity, and my health

I thought that pregnancy was hard for G taking from me, but breastfeeding takes an even higher toll! I was getting headaches and my body ached because I could not keep up with the amount I needed to drink and eat for how often he was feeding. I found that breastfeeding is also very isolating at times, and to be able to feed Gavin around everyone present or to have someone else feed him sometimes was what I needed. We still breastfeed, but adding formula was a necessity! He would just be feeding all day and I just couldn’t do it, and there’s no shame in that (despite what A LOT of moms in mommy groups try and say).

3. There will always be cold tea

At least once a day I pour myself a cup of tea only to never make it to drinking it because G suddenly needs something. I swear he could be dead asleep and has a sixth sense that I’m about to have a tea and wakes up needy.

4. There is no shame in asking for help. There is also no shame in putting your screaming baby down and walking away for a moment to yourself

Newborns are hard work! Second, third, fourth and so on siblings should feel LUCKY that their parents decided to have more children, because babies are a full time job that you don’t get to go on vacation from. Ask for help whenever you need it, and don’t turn it down if you feel overwhelmed. Tired and overwhelmed mothers are not at their best to care for their children, and you are not a bad Mum for asking for help. You are also not a bad Mum if you put your screaming baby down for a moment or two when you are frustrated. Put them in their swing or crib and go collect yourself, and come back calmer. I promise it helps your baby. Babies, like dogs, feed off of the energy of the people around them, and if you’re worked up, they will be too.

5. There is some sort of magic in bath-time

Regardless of my son’s mood pre bath, he becomes a happy, giggly little boy the second he’s in the bath, he absolutely lives for the bath! It’s like a reset. On super fussy/colicky days I’ll just run the bath and let him soak in the water mid-day (so no soap or actual washing because that’s the bedtime routine) and just pour warm water over him and let him splash around in the water as long as he pleases. He always comes out of the bath in a better mood than he went in! If he’s overtired and won’t go for a nap I will run the bath, bathe him then feed him and he’s usually asleep pretty quickly, like I said – magic!

6. There is also some sort of magic in the car seat

What is it about some babies that pass out when they are in the car seat? G passes out on every car ride and there have been very few grocery store trips that he hasn’t slept through the entire thing. He has even slept in his car seat in the crib on a few occasions because it was the only way to get him to sleep.

7. Swaddling is harder than I expected

Apparently you don’t just gain the skill to perfectly swaddle your baby when they were born! G is two months old and I still don’t swaddle him consistently well! His dad on the other hand is amazing at it! The only times I’ve had a really good swaddle is when I’ve been super upset and frustrated, and I’m just trying to swaddle him as a tactic to calm him down.

8. It’s really easy to feel like a ‘Bad Mom’

When G is colicky and nothing seems to calm him, I feel like a bad Mum. When he wakes up for the umpteenth time overnight after a long day and I don’t want to get out of bed, I feel like a bad Mum. When I let him cry for a minute so I can go to the bathroom, I feel like a bad Mum. I know that none of these things actually make me a bad Mum, because G is loved, fed, clean, entertained, happy and healthy – so I must be doing something right.

9. I never realized what lengths I would go to calm my child down

I walk around my house singing songs to G, his personal favourites are What does the Fox Say, Beauty and the Beast, Slippery Fish and I See the Light. I also downloaded a sound machine app, after being adamant that I didn’t need one before he was born, but it helps so much! (Watch for a review coming soon!). I also make ridiculous noises and faces just to get a smile!

10. I wouldn’t change a thing!

G is my world, and even though motherhood wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, I wouldn’t trade these two months for anything! It’s all worth it when Mum is the only one who can soothe G, or walking into his nursery to be greeted by a big gummy smile first thing in the morning, and it’ll only get better as we continue on this journey together!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

5 thoughts on “New Mum Files – ten thoughts about motherhood, two months in

  1. Loved reading about your newborn experience. I hope to become a mother someday ❤ I love reading about everyday life with babies. I also like hearing the good with the bad. It's not always peaches and cream and that's okay. I wish you, your hubby, and baby G the best of luck and happiness ❤ Keep up the amazing work Amanda!

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      1. Definitely! I turned 28 right around the time I got pregnant with Baby G and it definitely was the time that was meant for me 💕

        Liked by 1 person

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