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Baby’s First Christmas!

G’s first Christmas! Turns out, he really DOES NOT like Santa! We tried at the mall and at my parents house (they brought a Santa in from our local fire department, which our family does every year for the kids), every time Santa acknowledged G, he started SCREAMING!


I cannot wait until next Christmas when G is 15 months old and will actually participate in Christmas a little more than he did this year, mostly he just fussed because there was so many people he hadn’t seen before and our schedule was SHOT! I did get a bunch of cute Christmas-y themed pictures, including an adorable one with him inside the stocking I made him!


And of course a Christmas Card and Family Picture.



On Christmas Eve, after we came back from Jared’s family dinner, I used the Capture the Magic App to take this great picture (don’t mind the ugly floor!):


Om Christmas morning, we had my family and Jared’s family over for breakfast and presents before heading over to my Grandma’s for my extended family’s festivities. This is what G wore in the morning:


We also purchased a few picture ornaments for G and Bomber


We also made hand print ornaments for our tree, as well as both sets of G’s grandparents with air dry modelling clay.


Use a kit like this: Tiny Idea’s Baby Handprint or Footprint Ornament Kit – Makes a Great Holiday Gift and Keepsake

All in all, Christmas was a success! G was spoiled of course, and he didn’t really get what was going on, but he will have more fun with it next year!

How did your baby’s first Christmas go? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo

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