2018 · Explore Alberta

Finnegan Farms Petting Zoo at WEM!

Hello everyone! We had the fun experience of checking out G’s first Petting Zoo a few weeks ago at West Edmonton Mall!

(Excuse my hair in these pictures, I’m trying to not wear it up in a high bun all the time but it hasn’t fully rebounded after having G!)

Every Saturday and Sunday in November, Finnegan Farms brought an assortment of animals with them to West Edmonton Mall, this time they had a pig, goats, sheep, rabbits, donkeys and an alpaca.

With it being G’s first time at a petting zoo, he wasn’t really sure what to make of it, and wasn’t really into touching the animals – which is totally fine of course!

G’s up-close animal experience is limited to dogs, cats and ferrets at this point, but he was very interested in watching the animals move around

I’ll be honest, there are no pictures of the rabbits because rabbits kind of freak me out, and we just didn’t go up to them. But otherwise, it was a good experience, and this Mum was way more into it than G was!

Check out Finnegan Farms website here and their Instagram here to see where they will be next! They are often invited to WEM!

What are YOUR kids thoughts on petting zoos? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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