DIY Fruit Cups for Kids

Hello everyone! Do you ever feel as if your snack budget takes up a lot of your grocery budget? I know I feel that way! Today I am going to show you one of the ways I save money in the snack department – fruit cups!

What you’ll need:

– Small containers (I used my baby food containers from when G was on purées)

– Canned Fruit (in water or syrup, your preference!)

– Knife and Spoon

This is a super easy way to have full control over your child’s fruit cups!

Take the canned fruit of your preference and cut it up to manageable sizes if needed (for the Del Monte canned fruit in water, Peaches and pears require cutting, but the fruit cocktail does not)

Then spoon them into the small containers and place in the fridge for future snacks!

And that’s it! Enjoy your inexpensive, prepackaged fruit cups, great for snacks at home or on the go! I like this way of doing fruit cups because we aren’t bringing in unnecessary plastic into the house and the large cans cost less than the prepackaged cups!

What ‘snack hack’ do you love? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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