DIY – Weaving with Yarn and Drinking Straws

Weaving is all the rage it seems, well according to my Instagram and Pinterest feeds! Mostly you’ll find tutorials on how to use expensive looms and all sorts of complicatedness. Well I have a way that is SO EASY! So easy in fact that I am doing it as a children’s program tomorrow night at my Library job (oh by the way, I’m a Children’s Librarian for one of my jobs).

All you need are 4 drinking straws, a skein of yarn, a pair of scissors and some tape. Easy peasy.

First what you need to do is line up your 4 straws and measure out 4 pieces of yarn, make them about 8 inches longer than your straws just to make sure it is long enough.

Next you’ll need to string the yarn through the straws, leaving about 4 inches on each end. (don’t mind my desk)


After that, tape all of your straws together and knot that end of your yarn


Next comes the weaving, all you need to do is go over, under, over, under, and so on, until you have your desired length (whether you are making bracelet, bookmark or other length).



Keep going until you get to your desired length. Then make a knot on your last “stitch” and cut the excess. Then cut the tape holding your straws together and gently pull the straws away from your yarn. The weaving you have done will slide onto the yarn that was under the straws and that will hold your weaving together 🙂

One the straws are removed, knot off the entire project! Here’s my finished project! It took me roughly 30 minutes to complete.


Weaving made easy! Enjoy 🙂



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