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The fun of children’s crafts

Who doesn’t just LOVE doing crafts? Part of my job at the Library is doing crafts with kids – you should see my basket of completed crafts!

The best part about doing children’s crafts – they aren’t complicated or have any necessity to be perfect! There’s something about doing adult DIY-ing that requires a level of sophistication and perfection, that gluing tissue paper to egg cartons just doesn’t require! My favourite part of all of this is thinking up creative ways to connect the kids to whatever story we’ve read that day, without being so obvious! Then I get to design and prep crafts for a large amount of kids, and I personally think it’s the most relaxing part of my day!

What my Instagram for more updates and fun craft ideas! Here are some that I’ve done below:

Crab for “You’re a Crab! a Moody Day Book” by Jenny Whitehead
Umbrella for “Cloudette” by Tom Lichtenheld
Triceratops mask for “If I had a Triceratops” by George O’Connor
Broccoli monster for “Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli” by Barbara Jean Hicks

Amanda xo

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